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Do you ever wonder how much the artist is paid when you stream your favorite song? Or listen to your favorite podcast? Or download your favorite album? Numbers have been tallied, and they are unfair, but you can change them. Subscribing to Disctopia means that you support a culture of fairness for creatives. On our platform, every single play goes to the creator. We call it our “TRUE Play” system, which transforms the income model for creatives.

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Music that is curated directly by the artist

Listen to curated tracks from a variety of TRUE indie and underground artists while exploring new and trending music. With licensed curation and direct submission, Disctopia has assembled some of the best indie artists, allowing indies to be represented and valued in the digital space.

Listen to podcasts without the fluff

Exclusive, original, and curated podcasts. The world’s most famous podcasts and exclusive podcasts are all available on Disctopia. The world’s most renowned podcasts and exclusive podcasts are available on Disctopia. Podcasts are what we do!

Some of the Top Podcasts on Disctopia
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You can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more wherever you are...

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Access content anytime anywhere on iOS and Android. Disctopia inserts NO ads or no advertising-based user tracking, EVER. Your listening privacy is our priority. We don’t insert ads into creative content.