Disctopia Allows Creators to Accept Donations


While the numbers of podcast shows and podcasters are on the rise, only a limited fraction are earning sufficiently. This is why Disctopia, in line with our core principle of granting financial freedom to creatives, is rolling out a new feature that allows them to receive donations from their fans and audience.

If you are a creator on the Disctopia platform, you can now make a decent income on your art by asking for donations from your audience. We believe that if you’ve been creating valuable, engaging, and compelling content, your audience will be interested in donating to keep your show alive.

What we are doing at Disctopia is to widen the options creators have in monetizing their content. We are of the thought that money should never hinder creativity, this is why we are doing all that is possible to open up means of monetization for our creators.

This is to also meet the yearnings of the content consumers on the Disctopia platform of the need to be able to support their favorite creators.

Turn Your Art and Hobbies into a Profitable Business

Initially, we opened up our platform to allow content creators to list their branded merchandise and get paid through the Disctopia platform. We are now taking it a step higher by letting you get rewarded directly for your creativity.

Through Disctopia, you can turn your audience into loyal supporters. This is why we are providing you with an easy and stress-free medium for them to send you donations. Regardless of what form of content you create on the Disctopia platform, you can now monetize your art and turn your hobbies into a profitable business.

You can now inform your podcast listeners, your music fan, or your audiobook listeners that they can support your art with their donations.

You Get 100% of The Donations

We are also glad to inform both the creators and their fans that 100% of the donations will end up in the pocket of these creators. We will not be taking anything out of the donations as we are only interested in ensuring our creators are making enough from their content.

Accepting donations on the Disctopia platform is quite easy. You can set up the feature right from the settings of your Disctopia account.

How To Get Your Listeners to Donate

While Disctopia might have given you the platform to receive donations from your audience, the onus fall on you to be able to ask. Here’s how we think you can get your audience to donate to support your content;

  • Ask Nicely and Politely

If you don’t ask, the answer is already no. You know what you need and who you need to ask; all that is left is the asking. Before you ask for donations, be sure that you’ve genuinely connected with them via your content.

In your asking, let it be friendly, polite, and humble. You’ll be surprised at the response you will get from your listeners.

  • Share Your Goals and Dreams

Since you’ve been able to build an emotional connection with your audience, you can also share your goals and aspirations with them. Let them know that their donations will get you closer to your goals and dreams.

There’s an effect on us as humans when we hear the vision of others, the urge to want to help and get them closer to their goals.

  • Offer an Incentive

Nothing out of the ordinary, but it comes in the form of private Q & A, exclusive content, and bloopers; this can serve as a motivation to your audience to make donations to your content.

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