Classic Lion King Soundtrack or Classic Beyoncé Album?

Beyonce stands in fron of a black background, wearing a black shirt. Beyonce is staring at a female lion.
Classic Lion King Soundtrack or Classic Beyoncé Album?
Lion King Soundtrack cover Photo Cred: Complex

Lion King, The Remake

The world has been patiently awaiting the debut of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ remake. Is it possible to create something as brilliant and timeless as The Lion King, AGAIN?! Well, Disney sure did try! They not only remade the film, but they remade the soundtrack as well. Beyoncé is starring in the remake as Nala and its only right to have her included on the soundtrack. In a brief discussion with a friend of mine, who is also a music enthusiast, the question was raised: “How do you feel about the new Lion King Soundtrack; Honestly!?

Everything Had to be Modern

The Lion King soundtrack is beautiful! It feels good, it sounds well and it’s an all-around great body of work. However, I must play devil’s advocate. Once I listened to the entire album (TWICE, might I add), I concluded that I don’t think the soundtrack “fits” The Lion King. I feel as though the songs make me think of some other movie; Not the Lion King.

After much thought about the album, I had to realize that this ISN’T the original make of The Lion King. It is a modern, remake of a classic movie. I went into the soundtrack, expecting to hear something along the lines of the 1994 soundtrack. That’s where I messed up. Everything about the film is supposed to be modern. That includes music. It’s not sensible to have a modern remake of a film and leave the music behind. EVERYTHING had to be modern. The album, without a doubt, has a current and modern sound.

Lion King or Beyonce’?

My second argument asks: Is this a classic Lion King Soundtrack or just a classic Beyoncé album? Beyoncé is an undisputed icon and whatever she supports, touches, or is involved in, gains attention. I think Beyoncé was used as more of a strategic weapon in the creation of The Lion King Remake. HOW COULD YOU NOT SUPPORT BEYONCE??? EVERYONE LOVES BEYONCE!!! Box office numbers will be amazing!

By adding Beyoncé to the film and soundtrack, the focus and attention are honestly more so on her. The anticipation of the soundtrack stems from the fact that it was done by the Queen B herself. I don’t think that we will sing the remake soundtrack 10 years down the road and associate the songs with The Lion King. I DO however think that we will sing them and say “Damn! This is one of my favorite Beyoncé albums.”