How Disctopia Can Fix The Music Business in 2024

How Disctopia Can Fix The Music Business

In the contemporary world of music, it may appear that we are in a golden age, with fans having an easy time discovering new music. This is largely due to the convenience of on-demand streaming and downloading, as well as the ability to watch videos whenever we wish. Moreover, technology has enabled artists to connect with their audience on a global scale, providing them with an unprecedented level of engagement. However, despite such progression, the music industry is still in a state of disorder, with numerous artists feeling frustrated and fans left bewildered.

How To Start a Podcast Merch Business | Tips and Ideas

How to Start a Podcast

Making money as a podcaster or indie artist isn’t easy. Yes, there are ways to make money as a podcaster. But most require advertising or affiliate links. This can be time-consuming and tedious for your listeners. Plus, the money you earn from those methods is usually insufficient. You can’t use it to support yourself or your […]

How to Record Music at Home: A Guide for Indie Music Artists

Indie Music Artist

Recording music is one of the most critical parts of being an indie music artist. You need good sound quality. If not, your songs won’t be as appealing to fans and listeners, no matter how hard you work on them. This guide will cover everything you need to know about recording music at home. We’ll discuss […]

How to Develop an Independent Music Artist Business Plan

Independent Music Artist

Most independent music artists are not very good at business planning. Yes, most popular indie artists are creative and talented. But the ability to create a business plan is often outside their wheelhouse. And every Independent Music Artist needs a plan, whether they know it or not. A business plan is a document that outlines […]

An Exhaustive List of Independent Musician Resources

Independent Musician Resources

Being a musician is difficult. It takes hard work, dedication, and passion for making it in the music industry. The competition is fierce. You need to overcome many challenges before you start your career. You need to learn how to write songs that people love. Likewise, you must create high-quality recordings of those songs. Also, you must […]

How Independent Artists Can Get in Touch with a Music Manager

Independent Artists

Some of the biggest independent artists wouldn’t have made it big without the help of music managers. That tells you that you need a good music manager to help you bring your music to the limelight as an aspiring independent music artist. This article contains tips and guides to help you find a good music […]

How To Start a Podcast and Turn It into A Profitable Business

How to Start a Podcast

You problem learnt how to start a podcast as a hobby and a passion. But who says you can’t make it a lucrative business? With time, you need to start thinking about how to make money from your podcast. The well-paid podcasters earn around $75,000 per episode, $900,000 per month, and up to $30 million […]

How to Promote Indie Music Using the Radio

how to promote indie music

If you are an independent musician, you have more to do than a record label artist. You are the one responsible for songwriting, music production, and even how to promote indie music. Of all the tasks you need to shoulder as an independent musician, the most challenging is music promotion. There are hundreds of thousands […]

How to Monetize your Podcast through Affiliate Marketing

How to Monetize Your Podcast

If you are looking for tips on how to monetize your podcast, you are where you should be. While thinking about how to start a podcast, you should keep an eye on ways to monetize it. Although podcasting can be quite fun, generating money from your show will give you the right push you need […]