20 Best Podcast Blogs of 2024

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There’s always this podcast or blog argument, that’s not the focus of this piece. Both podcasters and bloggers agree that the audience is the focal point of both podcasting and blogging. Yet, rookie podcasters do not take enough advantage of written words from the best podcast blogs.

Podcasts about blogs can be used to supplement and fill the gaps in your audio content. Furthermore, there is no better medium to learn how to start a podcast than reading the blog posts curated by seasoned podcasters. You’d get to know about their successes, challenges, and failings.

Here are the best podcast blogs you need to follow for top-notch information about podcasting;

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1. The Buzzsprout

BlogBuzzsprout is a podcast blog for both newbie and seasoned podcasters. Buzzsprout provides tools and actionable guidelines for podcasters to grow their audience as a hosting service.

The Blog analyses ways for podcasters to track the progress of their podcasts and monetize content. With regular content updates for podcasters to understand the latest in the industry, Buzzsprout aims to help podcasters expand on their chosen niche.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


2. Disctopia Podcast Blog

Disctopia Blog is a haven for content creators and their fans alike. Our how-to start a podcast post focuses on a step-by-step guide for newbie podcasters to begin their podcasting journey smoothly.

Our podcast blogs are a treasure trove of information and resources that cater to the needs of various professionals. If you are an indie artist, video producer, or merchandiser, then you will find the Disctopia blog to be an invaluable resource. The blog is filled with detailed and all-encompassing posts that will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be the best at your trade.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs

3. Backtracks

Backtracks are centered on podcast advertising and analytics. According to Statista, Spending on Podcast ads is estimated to reach 2.7 billion by 2025. Hence, the following Backtracks will show you how podcasts connect with businesses.

The blog contents comprise easy-to-follow ad campaign ideas for entrepreneurs who want their business to reach the right market. Following Backtracks podcast blogs will offer insights into the client side of podcast marketing, budgeting for your podcast ad campaign, and tracking your podcast advertising return on investment.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs

4. Transistor

Transistor’s podcast blog contains fascinating ideas and insights for podcasters. Transistor’s Blog offers regular updates about new fusers’atue for users and general guidelines for being ahead of the competition.

Transistor’s straightforward 5-step how to start a podcast and a direction on the best kind of equipment in the industry make the hosting platform’s Blog a must-read for newbie podcasters. On Transistor’s podcast blog, you will also learn how to monetize your podcast.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs

5. Castos

How do you feel about private podcasting? Castos is one of the best podcasting hosting services with content on personal podcasting with its Private Podcasting Solution feature.

Castos podcast blog also features the basic steps to carry out before starting a podcast, like writing a podcasting business plan, episode ideas, and the best podcast microphones. Founded by Craig Hewitt, Castos provides automatic podcast transcription for podcasters to reach a wider audience.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


6. The Podcast Host

The Podcast Host blog will educate you on the ABC of podcasting. Here, you will find new and updated podcast articles for podcasters and listeners and useful resources. On the podcasting host blog, you will learn how to start a podcast and the steps to grow your show.

With decades of experience in the podcasting industry, the podcast host reaches all the knotty areas of creating a successful podcast.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


7. School of Podcasting

If you need a life coach on podcasting, the school of podcasting will never fail you as one of the best podcast blogs. School of Podcasting has an impressive collection of content ranging from starting a podcast blog to the simplified steps involved in expanding your show.

The School of Podcasting will equip you with easily digestible courses and support to help you reach your goal.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs

8. Podcaster’s Studio

While the Podcaster’s studio’s blog has a lot of industry insights, what gave it an edge were the video tutorials embedded in the blog.

Ray Ortega, who hosts the Podcaster’s Studio, also hosts the Podcaster’s Roundtable and creates content to put Podcaster’s through recording, editing, publishing, and promoting their podcasts.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs

9. Fizzle

If you are a content creator looking towards monetizing your product, Fizzle is the best platform for you. By following Fizzle’s Blog, you have the benefit of building your podcast from a mere hobby to a well-established business generating profits.

You can learn from Fizzle’s dynamic workshops. Fizzle’s founders have stories and insights to share with budding.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


10. The Audacity of Podcast

The Audacity to Podcast contains top-notch content by a seasoned tech podcaster, Daniel J. Lewis. The Blog was inspired by the need to clear some misconceptions surrounding podcasting from start to finish.

The Audacity to Podcast is a blog focusing on all podcasters’ tools and know-how.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


11. Podcast Insights

While the tried and true free email course on Podcast Insights has been adjudged enlightening, the in-depth content of the Blog will make following it worth your while.

Podcast Insights has one of the best podcast blogs for anyone with little to no knowledge of podcasting. Founded by Ross Winn, Podcast Insights content provides tips to start, trends, and simple ways to monetize podcasts.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


12. Hot Pod News

Do you want to know the latest in podcasting and audio shows? Then, Hot Pod News should be your destination.

Hot Pod News is a newsletter from Verge. The podcast blog features current events, future predictions in the industry and a sneak peek into the drama-filled insider activities.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs



13. Transom

Transom helps new podcasters find their voices. If you are starting your podcasting journey and unsure which direction to turn, or you have a story the world deserves to know, Transom will provide you the avenue to air your stories.

Through their podcast blog, you will learn some of the issues you will face as a budding podcaster from industry experts. Seasoned podcasters will also be informed about ways to polish their skills.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


14. SimpleCast

If you are a podcaster curious about what your audience wants and how to publish just the right content, SimpleCast is one of the best podcast blogs to serve your purpose.

SimpleCast is a podcast hosting platform that provides analytic tools to make podcast publishing easy. With such metrics as episode trends, listening speed, and audience location, SimpleCast allows audio publishers to understand the rudiments of their shows.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


15. We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcast was established in 2015 by Carli Van Heerden to guide and support podcasters. We Edit Podcasts Blog focuses on everything podcasting and readers’ requests.

With content like Defining the Common Podcasting Terms and the Best Podcasts to Inspire Your Productivity in 2022, the WEP blogs cater to podcasters’ overall success and fans.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


16. Libsyn

Libsyn is a podcast hosting service that was brought to life in 2004. Liberated Syndication, or Libsyn, has evolved into a modernized podcast production and distribution channel to guide podcasters at all levels.

Libsyn is one of the best podcast blogs, with content woven around how podcasters can transform their videos and audio shows into a money-making enterprise.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


17. Podcast Websites

Do you want to learn how to leverage WordPress in your podcast? Podcast Websites Blog has all you need to know to utilize WordPress to create a smooth podcast.

From industry news to tips and ideas for podcasters to produce engaging content, you will find Podcast Websites’ Blog exceptionally useful.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


18. Cliff Ravenscraft’s Blog

Popularly known as the Podcast Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft has made a fortune podcasting. Therefore, he teaches other people how to start a podcast and make money doing what they love.

On Cliff Ravenscraft’s Blog, you will learn ways to publish your podcast to get maximum coverage. Many podcasters today have benefitted from his tutorials and courses.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs



19. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income Blog is owned by Pat Flynn, who shares marketing tips and tricks about podcasting and other wealth-making techniques. Using his extensive experience in the industry, Pat also created Fusebox, a suite of tools for podcasters.

On the Smart Passive Income Blog, contents surrounding building your niche and garnering ideas that will bloom into a successful podcasting business are broken down for easy understanding.


best podcast blogs,Podcasts about blogs,podcast blogs


20. Audry

Audry’s Blog is informative, educative, and insightful. Audry is a podcast collaboration platform that helps podcasters grow their business through cross-promotion. Talented podcasters who are yet to be known are given free space to promote their podcast.

On the Blog, you will learn the current trend in the podcasting space, how to grow your podcast, and valuable resources for your podcasting. Audry delivers community news and updated information to podcasters who want to take their podcast to the next level.

Final Thoughts on Podcast Blogs

While many podcast blogs exist today, these are the top blogs in the podcast industry you need to follow, irrespective of your level as a podcaster. Fans and organizations looking for a suitable podcast for their ad campaign or listening pleasures can also discover relevant shows by following some of these podcasts blogs.