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Got a question or need help? Try looking below for the basics on setting up accounts, uploading your work etc. Still, need help, just drop us a line

  • How to submit music to disctopia?

    From anywhere on the site after being logged in, click library --> Submit Music. Disctopia organizes music by album, so even if you’re only uploading one track, Disctopia will ask you to create an album. Enter the necessary information for your album; title, release date (i.e 08/21/2016) and the album price. If the entire album is a free release, check the Free Album Box. Before you upload your Album Cover, make sure the size is 1600px by 1600px. Anything larger will not be accepted. Acceptable file formats include JPG, JPEG and PNG. When it’s time to add tracks to your album! Hit the ADD TRACKS button and find the tracks you want to upload from your computer.

    Things to Remember: If you marked your album as free, the option to set prices for each track will be disabled. Otherwise, if your album was not marked as free, you have the option of setting prices for each track. If your album is an EP, it should have at least 4 tracks. If it is an LP, it should have 8 or more tracks. A single is just that, a single. It is recommended that you should not add an album with more than 16 tracks.

    Reminder: Once again, as an artist, you understand and agree to the Intellectual Property Policy, and that your account may be disabled if you try to sell any other artists’ work that is copyrighted or protected. If any collaborators are due a percentage of any of your tracks, you must change/add them by Disctopia-ID under My Library. When you are ready to continue, type “CONFIRM” in the confirmation box and then hit the FINISH button.

  • How do I add a collaborator to my creative works?

    Click on Library and navigate to Uploads --> Click on the album you want to add a Collaborator to. Then click Add Collaborator. In the window that pops up, you first input the Disctopia ID number (D-ID) of the Artist you want to add as a Collaborator. Inputting the Disctopia ID will automatically pull up the Artist you’re searching for. Once you’ve found the correct Artist, you need to define what they contributed and how much they contributed in a percentage. When you’ve input the Collaborator’s Contribution and Percentage, hit ADD. To add more Collaborators if you have more, then hit CLOSE. Collaborators will then get an email inviting them to confirm your collaboration.

    Note: If your relationship with any Collaborator ends, and you and the Collaborator agree their contribution will be taken off a project, please contact support@disctopia.onpressidium.com.