Why Your Music Might Not Be Getting Enough Publicity

Every musician dreams of getting good publicity for their music. But if this is not happening in the case of your song or album, you might be doing any one or more of the following mistakes. Read on to know what could be preventing your music from becoming well known.

Why Your Music Might Not Be Getting Enough Publicity

You Don’t Have a Story

If you are a budding artist with a hot new single and you do not have an account, then you are at a disadvantage. Every day, there are thousands of artists who are releasing their new music. Journalists are interested in sharing compelling stories with their audience. Hence it makes sense to tell the story behind your music. You can share if there had been a creative process or a connection to the mainstream artist. Make the story unique and have it included in your pitch.

You Don’t Have a Strong Pitch

Having a story is not just enough. The story must be reasonable and engaging. Make the story newsworthy and relevant to the target audience. Know that a good pitch is that, which is not self-centered. Media is only obliged to its audience and not to promote your music. Analyze your pitch from a third person perspective to ascertain if it is good. If you find it unsatisfactory, go back and create a better pitch.

The Buzz is Missing

Publicity hardly helps you generate buzz. You will certainly need a following even before journalists notice your music. A journalist will always glance at your website and social media pages to find out if you have a fan base that is well-engaged. Before contacting the media, it makes sense to engage your fans well both online and offline.

The Music is Not Appealing to the Publication’s Audience

Every person’s taste to music is subjective. It is necessary for your music to catch the attention of a journalist. Hence it must be unique, catchy and edgy. If the journalist is not convinced that your music can impress the publication’s audience, they might not take an interest in writing about you. It is hence necessary to test your music on the target audience and industry professionals to discover an excellent single that you can promote and which will grab the attention of the media.

Your Material is Out-of-Date

Journalists are interested only in new music. It is then necessary to record fresh music. After, you can build a good story an an even better pitch. If your music is from a previous EP or mixtape, it could have already become old news.

The Photos Are Not Impressive

Remember selfies clicked with your smartphone cannot project who you are as an artist. Your image matters, so go for high-quality images with high resolution that can help you build your image and then submit it to the press.

You Do Not Have Successful Relationships

While it might be difficult to afford a publicist who already has great relationships with editors, it is possible for you to develop relationships on your own. Go through their material to know the kind of music stories they are interested in telling. Following them on social media and interacting with them frequently will help also. When you have built those relationships, the editors can then take an interest in you.