What Your Music Playlist Says About You

What Your Music Playlist Says About You

No thanks to the pandemic; there has been no music concert or festival in the past year. We swapped the tent for our sofa all through the pandemic. Even the 2021 Grammy went virtual. Since when the pandemic struck and lockdown protocols were effected, we’ve come to rely on our music playlists.

Yes, it was indeed a dull and monotonous period of our lives, but we survived it. One of those things that kept us all sane throughout the dark period was music. Of course, music has always been an essential part of our lives. However, the pandemic showed us why we could not do without music.

What Your Music Playlist Says About You

More than once, you’ve judged people based on their music taste, and you’ve also been judged. No one can be blamed for judging you based on your music preference. A scientific paper has established that one’s personality can be ascertained by listening through their playlist rather than considering their age, social status, or cultural background.

The question on our minds at Disctopia, that we’ll love to find answer to is this; what your music playlist says about you. We are sure of something; you are not eclectic; you don’t listen to all music that comes your way. Our approach is to consider all genre of music and what it implies about your personality;

Rap and Hip-Hop

Many think of rap lovers as violent, rough and aggressive; there has been no research to establish this position. Instead, rap lovers are quite energetic while displaying a high positive vibe. When you see anyone with a playlist full of rap and hip-hop tunes, be ready to party.


If most of your favorite songs are hip-hop, you are likely to be conventional, honest, and extroverted. You exude a lot of energy that is channeled towards hard work. The level of self-esteem in pop music lovers is also pointing north. However, you are likely to lack creative instinct.

Indie Music

Indie music lovers can be described as intellectual, creative, and introverted. They are also identifiable by their preference for simple instrumentation and melody. We can also point them to being socially conscious and are artistically inclined.

Jazz and Soul Music

Do you buzz with life with a higher than usual self-esteem? Then you are likely to love jazz, soul or blues. People with love for this music genre are often at ease, calm and intelligent. According to Quora comments, Jazz lovers on who you’ll refer to as musically adventurous.

To appreciate jazz music takes a lot of listening and open-mindedness.

R & B

Let’s assume you do a lot of R & B; then you should have no problem expressing your emotions. These emotions are also likely to be musically inspired. Being the extraverted and outgoing person you are, you are likely to follow your heart.

R & B is about making the heart melt even though it has changed over the years. In the words of The New Yorker, the new R & B is a reflector of the confused modern love. That’s why you are likely to express yourself as a smooth and soulful lover.

Classical Music

The world is usually in chaos, and we need more classical music to breathe sanity into it. People who listen to classical music display good intuition and a fair amount of self-esteem.

There’s also a cliché that classical music listeners are usually more intelligent than the average music lover. Though The Mozart Effect‘s claim is yet to be sufficiently established.


Go back up and read about Pop lovers; metal music lovers are the opposite of whatever you read up there. If you are cool with the sound of the horns, you are likely to be living in your world filled with ideas and reflections.

Anywhere you see metal lovers, they are distinctive, being introverted and with a mind of their own.

Rock Music

You are either everyone’s beloved employer or the employee of the year. The love for rock music is due to your preference for challenges that life throws your way in a calm, calculated and resourceful manner.

Rock music implies you are interested in future possibilities and eventualities.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, the linkages between different genres and your personality traits. This implies that musical preference could give you a clue into what goes on in anyone’s mind. Look inward and you’ll find answer to what your music playlist says about you.

We’ll want to know if your playlist matches your personality as we’ve laid bare.