What Happens After Launching Your Podcast

HOW TO START A PODCAST What Happens After Launching Your Podcast

While there are enormous resources on how to start a podcast, the podcast equipment to choose, or the podcast directories to publish your podcast, only a handful focus on what to do after a podcast launch.  The post-launch period of your podcast should be geared towards the growth of your audience base. You are ensuring that the passion and steam you’ve built around your podcast do not wane.  

What Happens After Launching Your Podcast

For most new podcasters, all of their attention, resources, and energy are channeled towards how to start a podcast. That’s why there’s a shortage of resources that tackles the topic of post podcast launch. We believe that there’s still a couple of structures you need to erect that will help sustain the growth of your podcast show; 

Start a Podcast Community 

After releasing episodes after episodes, what next? It would be best to build a loyal fanbase, listeners who will stop at nothing keep in touch with your podcast. There’s a need to put these fans, followers, and even friends into the community.  

The podcast community will serve as a platform to discuss the message of the podcast. What you are doing is extending the podcast outside of the podcast.  

To keep the fire of the community burning, you will need to tease them with exclusive contents, merchandise, one-on-one engagements. You need to pay attention to this community, as it will be the base of new product launches in the future.  

The community will be the platform where you get to ask your audience what they want. More importantly, build authentic relationships that allow you to be human.  

Don’t Let The Buzz Die-Off. 

Most new podcasters don’t factor in post-launch promotion into their marketing campaigns. The failure to capture what happens after is the reason why most podcasts die a natural death. You need to keep creating buzz around your podcast, and it does not matter if it’s past the launch date.  

The same momentum you’ve built earlier, you have to maintain it. Remember your email list; you have to keep it hot by letting your subscribers know what you’ve been up to. Use it as a medium to remind them of your upcoming guests and new episode alert.  

Most importantly, run ads on social media targeting your ideal podcast listeners. Make it a point of duty to keep the steam on.  

Turn Your Experience Into a Template For Others to Follow 

One of the pre-requisite for how to start a podcast is having a blog or website. This is not just about having one cause; everyone does. Your podcast website should be used to document all that you’ve learned about how to start a podcast.  

Use it as an avenue to draw in new listeners, would-be podcasters searching for information. See this as a new podcast audience where you can expand your reach into.  

You can also write an e-Book or offer a coach session to upcoming podcasters. This can only be possible if you can achieve success with your podcast.  

Build Your Brand Presence 

While you have reasons for starting a podcast, you need to ensure that your brand is well represented. You have to build your podcast brand from the ground up, solidifying your brand presence in the media.  

This can be done by getting featured on other established podcasts, writing an opinion piece on blogs, and even showcasing what you are up to on the media. Ensure the mediums you choose are those that are aligned with your brand vision and mission.  

The essence of this is to create an avenue for new listeners to get to you and your brand. Share your brand message all over, make it crystal clear for anyone to understand what your brand is about. Most importantly, you have to be your podcast brand’s most prominent advocate.