What Do I Need to Start a Podcast: Building a Strong Podcast Team

What Do I Need To Start a Podcast

What do I need to start a podcast? That’s an important question intending podcasters are always asking. To start a successful podcast, you willWhat do I need to start a podcast,How Do I Start a Podcast,Start a Podcast need to build a team. Apart from how overwhelming it will be if you fly solo, getting experts to carry out certain podcasting tasks is essential. Your first podcasting experience might be small enough to include just you. However, as your show expands so is the need to hire people who can ease the burden of production, writing, editing, designing, marketing, and publishing for your podcast. Splitting responsibilities among various people reduces the stress on one person.

How do I start a podcast with a team? Essentially, there are no hard and fast rules on the number of people that constitute a podcast team. You can have a small or big team depending on how expansive your podcast is. The number of people in your team does not directly translate to the success of your show.

Executive Producer

The executive producer is the project manager of the team. This is the person that supervises the activities of other team members. The executive producer coordinates the whole production process and ensures everything runs smoothly. You need a project manager to create the vision of the show, solve any problem that arises during production, and ensure the team remains cohesive.

An executive producer must be detail-oriented, accountable, and focused. The person filling this role must have leadership qualities that will help them manage a team. More importantly, an executive producer must be highly organized so that every task is kept on schedule.

Outreach Manager

You need an outreach manager to be the link between the show and the podcast guest. If you are pondering, “What do I need to start a podcast?” hire an outreach manager. This is because, at that onset, most guests on your show are from your contact. However, as your podcast grows, you will need someone to send cold emails to prospective guests. An outreach manager will sift through and identify people that are suitable for each of your show’s episodes. An outreach manager schedules interviews with guests and matches the guest with the topic to be discussed on the show.

With time, they will build relationships with experts and thought leaders in your podcast’s niche that can be invited to the show at any time. An outreach manager should be persuasive with excellent communication skills.

Show Host

As the host of a podcast, you are the voice of the show. The host talks to guests. If it is a solo show, the host presents the content of the podcast to spike the listeners’ interest. You can hire a host or host the show by yourself. Regardless, a show host is the voice of your brand. Sometimes, the host might be involved in some marketing of the podcast.

A host must be a charismatic and personable person with a pleasant voice. They must be a well-educated person who can keep a conversation going for a long period without getting tired. A great look might also come in handy for a show host.

Audio Engineer

Your podcast team is not complete with an audio engineer. An audio engineer is involved in the post-production stage of a podcast. They fine-tune the audio before it is published. The audio engineer removes unnecessary pauses, the ‘ums’ and the ‘ahs’, background noises, and hiccups. After production, you will also need to mix the show content with the intros/outros, ad spots, and music. The audio engineer will flawlessly add finishing touches to your podcast.

An audio engineer must have the technical expertise and experience needed to produce a polished podcast.

Graphic Designer

If you want to rapidly grow your podcast listeners, then you need a good marketing strategy. Your podcast needs to have a presence on the web, on social media, and even in your local community. What do I need to start a podcast with a lot of presence? You need a graphic designer. A graphic designer will give your website’s landing page a facelift. You also need a graphic designer to create logos, flyers, and cover art that will tell people about your brand at first glance. Your social media image, quote image, and newsletter image should be created by a graphic designer.

Just like an audio engineer, a graphic designer must have enough professional know-how to build brand image. The designer must work with other team members like the writer and the host to create templates and images that draw necessary attention.

Podcast Script Writer/Editor

No matter how you market your podcast, it would not sustain the momentum without great content. This is why you need a writer. So, how do I start a podcast with one? You need a podcast writer to boost the quality of your show’s content. A writer or editor creates conversational-style podcast content that the host can use as a guide during the show or while interviewing guests. In addition, a podcast writer also drafts blog post for your website. Your show notes, ad scripts, and podcast description will also be written by the show writer.

While hiring a writer/editor might seem like an exercise in futility, it is one of the best investments you can make for your show. The writer must know how to craft thought-provoking interview questions and convert blog posts to web format.

How to Build a Cohesive Podcast Team

  • Emphasis on Skills and Know-How

To succeed as a podcaster, you need to be selective in your choice of individuals to work with. You also don’t have to hire outrightly, you can leverage on freelance marketplaces.

  • Specifically highlight member’s role

When every member of your team understands their duties and responsibilities, it will make work easier and avoid duplication of duties.

  • Use each team member’s strength

Your show host can double as a graphic designer if you know already have a host that knows how to design. You don’t necessarily need a large team, only a working team.

Final Words

What do I need to start a podcast you ask? Carefully choosing your podcast team members is what you need for a successful podcast. After finding the right people to fill each role on your team, you need to get them to work together to achieve a common podcast goal. Remember the most important factor about podcast team building is the ability of the members to assist each other. A team that works together stays together.