‘Weird and Awesome’: New, Exclusive EP from NiGE HOOD

Nige hood is standing in front of a wire fence. Nige hood is wearing a buttoned blue and white shirt.
Weird and awesome

To try and describe NiGE HOOD, is to limit him- Limit his style, his music, and his sound! Nige Hood is simply NIGE HOOD. He’s something different, refreshing and dope. Nige has exclusively released his new EP: “WEIRD + AWESOME” on Disctopia and it’s what we’ve been waiting for.

It’s safe to say that Nige Hood is pretty good about releasing music and keeping his fans engaged. Hood drops a single pretty regularly. However, Nige hasn’t released an EP since 2016. This means he’s had time to develop and grow and experience things that have translated over in his new music. And we all know, there’s nothing better than an artist who has taken the time to create with intent and then releasing AMAZING content. It’s bound to be FIRE!

Hood titled the EP “WEIRD + AWESOME”. He stated that something can be both weird and awesome, simultaneously. I feel as though the EP can be described as being both weird and awesome. Weird in the sense that we’ve never heard something like this and awesome because it’s something you’ll like. Nige describes the EP as “featuring deep, personal songs relatable to the dreamers and self-made lovers of Life.” It touches subjects such as social anxiety, hook-ups, fears, and personal triumphs. The first song is the title track and starts the entire EP off with an incredible feel and energy- “My baby lit; she weird, but she awesome.” My favorite track is “Bodies”- “Don’t you know that everybody needs somebody…” The flow over the beat is crazy and the entire song comes together perfectly.

Without giving too much away, I’ll simply say: You’ve got to hear it. Pleasantly weird and awesome; Nige definitely dropped a gem.