Tips To Stage A Great Gig At Clubs And Private Events

Making your gig stand out from those of any other band must be your most cherished dream as an indie musician. However, to achieve this, you must go that extra mile. As Ralph Marston once said “Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude,” achieving excellence when it comes to your gigs often requires depending on those success strategies that are lesser adopted by most bands. To achieve excellence, you must reflect on how you do things. Reflect on your habits both good and bad. Explore what you can cut down or add on. Here are a few tips to help your band stand out at a club or during private events.

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Tips to Get the Best Out of Club Gigs

  • Before leaving, clean up the stage and let it look as it was before you entered in. If possible, it is good to leave it cleaner and neater.
  • Forward the posters to the club as early as possible. Make sure to mail them the electronic versions of the posters for their social media too.
  • Create an exclusive FB event for the show and include the club as the co-host of the page.
  • If you are planning to sell merch, ensure that the bartenders and wait staff at your familiar clubs wear your gear.
  • Discover what is so special about the club that you are visiting and create ways to highlight the same in your shows. It would help if you created a lasting impression by promoting their venue and trying to make them money as well.
  • Send the pictures of the show to the club as soon as the program is over and tag them on all social media platforms. This is another way that you can help them promote their club.
  • Before leaving, never forget to thank the bar staff, manager, and the talent buyer.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Private Events

  • Throughout the event, it is important to treat everyone as courteous as possible.
  • Once you have been invited, send a manually written thank you note to the organizers for inviting you to be a part of the show.
  • Click some good pictures during the show and if you feel it’s appropriate to share it on Facebook or send it directly to the organizers.
  • While most of the tips discussed here can be done by email, make it a point to meet the bride and the groom in person if it is feasible.
  • Coordinate well with the entire timeline and logistics arrangement with other vendors so that the event feels seamless for the client.
  • If you are visiting a given venue for the first time make sure to be there early to ensure the arrangements fall in place without any snags.
  • Find out what the colors are for the wedding and think of coordinating with those colors if possible.
  • Never forget to clean up the stage and the green room before leaving. It is considerate to leave any room in the condition as you found it or even better than that.

Know that customer service is the best way to build your band’s image. Before every event reflect on the idea of what you can do as a band or musician to give your clubs or clients more than what they can expect.