Tips To Sell More Merchandise At Your Gigs

Selling merchandise during your gigs is a great idea to generate some extra income for you. Though you might hate selling things, most live performances are great avenues to sell your merchandise. This is because though your online store might be great; the shows bring you immense opportunities to sell. A lot of audiences show interest in buying your merchandise after or in between the shows. How, might you wonder, to make the best of this opportunity during your gigs. Here are the tips to set you on the move.

Tips To Sell More Merchandise At Your Gigs

Plan the timing of your pitch strategically

You will not want to project your show as ‘too salesy.’ When and how you make, the announcement is significant. Make your show look like 100% sales free and genuinely focused on engaging the audience with quality time. If the announcement is made too soon, people might forget about it. If it is done too often, they will be burnt out. If you want the announcement to be on their minds immediately making them act on it, it is a good idea to end the show with a compelling note that can also drive up their desire.

Make the pitch in an interesting way

Show genuine enthusiasm for the items you are mentioning. You can share interesting stories about the items on sale. To stimulate the sale from people who will not care to step over to your table, you can hold each item and describe it briefly.

Plan the table location well

The location of the table can have a dramatic effect. It can facilitate more people to notice and approach it. Then they can take the time to have a look at the things displayed.

Add up an exciting product line

Not all the audience can be the direct consumer of your main product. Sometimes, their kids and spouses might visit the shows with them. Alongside you will also find the mega buyers who will take an interest in buying multiple items. Books written by others centered on your concert topics and small things like jaw harp are excellent choices for example.

Give them for credit

Some artists choose to give the items in credit to those that are interested but do not carry cash at the moment. Leave your mailing address with them, and most of them can be very faithful in sending you checks within days after the concert.

Be prepared to sign

People eagerly look forward to having the merchandise they bought signed. If you come forward to sign on the items for one or two people, more people might take an interest in buying and getting them signed by you. This can increase sales and also help create a bond with your emerging fan base.

Be serious about it

This is the most significant factor you will find that can increase your sales. Never get lazy or careless about the merchandise you can otherwise sell in a big way. Be proactive and be consistent in making a strong pitch. Do careful experimentation with aspects like the placement of the table, language, and others. These are some great ways to take home the right amount of cash after the show.