These Steps Will Help Motivate Bloggers To Respond

Studies show that a typical music blogger gets 348 emails in a day. It’s yet to be proven, but receiving a ton of emails, direct messages, snail mails, and shout outs can attest that your music is getting more and more popular on social media. Here are a set of online activities and approaches that will make bloggers reply to your emails.

Music Bloggers

Begin Local

-Most people would be interested in celebrating a hometown hero. The local blogs, channels, and publications have the most potential to grab the attention of a music blogger. Working through the local media will put you amidst a much lesser competition. It will also make it easier for you to speak the language of the writer. When you mention the venues that the writer is familiar with and discuss the local acts that have invited you to events, you will peak the blogger’s interest and they may talk about you too.

Discover Your People

-You must always find the right kind of people to spend time with. If you are in a particular genre, do not direct your focus on sending emails to a blogger who specializes in a different style. It is essential to find people who are interested and are already involved in the type of music you produce.

Make It Short, Sweet and Simple

-If you were the one receiving hundreds of emails per day on the same kind of subject, you would naturally open the ones that grab your attention and stand out from the rest while simply deleting the others. The three critical aspects that will catch the attention of a blogger are having a personalized introduction, a brief story of your band and links to your music that allow them to listen to your style. Never forget to include these aspects in your email.

Share Your Story

-Reflect on the aspects that make your band compelling and stand out from the rest. Your personal origin story can be interesting in some unique way. For example, you could be a solo artist who jumped into making music after inheriting your grandfather’s guitar. Look for ways to make your case interesting. You can also gather inspiration by going through the stories of other bands you are familiar with who have been successful.

Take Steps to Move to the Top of the Inbox

-Once you send out your email, your job is not yet over. Following up is essential to be able to stay on top of the blogger’s inbox. This can increase the likelihood of your email being opened. Wait for a week and send out another email with a note. In this mail, you do not need to provide anything new but can just ping the person to check if they had a chance to listen to what you sent them. Close such an email with a friendly sign-off. If you had been covered by another publication, make use of the follow-up email to mention that as well.