“The Code”: New Music from Will Wildfire on Disctopia

Guitar riff playing, rock and soul singing, Indie Artist, ‘Will Wildfire’ dropped some new heat on Disctopia! Representing Charlotte, NC, Will brings a new and refreshing sound with his music. His music has often been referred to as “Alternative R&B”. No matter how it’s categorized, it’s clear that its quality music. When I first listened to the new single “The Code”, the beat automatically caught my attention. Will doesn’t start singing until after the first 11 seconds of the song. I must admit that there’s huge anticipation waiting for the verse to begin. The beat was so dope that I couldn’t help but wonder, “What kind of lyrics and flow would Will put with this?” This is a song that I would let play on a late-night, riding around the city. Feeling good, music loud, night winding blowing and vibing. I’d encourage music enthusiasts to check it out.

Aside from the single “The Code”, Will Wildfire has a catalog of music on Disctopia. Works as early as his 2016 album, “Romance Dawn” to his more recent single, “MCR”. Go check out the new single “The Code” as well as his other work. If you’re not familiar with him now, you’ll be a for sure fan after listening. Check out “