The Best Streaming Platform For Musicians in 2022

The Best Streaming Platform For Musicians

We want to provide you with a definitive guide to the best streaming platform for musicians in 2022.

The music streaming scene is quite fluid as more music creators’ apps are online than ever before. With the growth experienced, there are multiple options for both music lovers and even musicians.

There are now a range of streaming platforms offering unlimited access to vast genres of music. Of course, the quality of these streaming platform for musicians varies, but these are great times for music lovers as the competition is fiercer.

That said, let’s help you find the best streaming platform for you;

1. Tidal – High-Resolution Streaming Option 

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There’s a reason why Tidal is called the “King of Lossless Music Streaming”. Tidal was one of the earliest players within the lossless music streaming space, and it dominated it truly like a king.

For between $10 to $20, you can listen to any of the 80 million songs on the Tidal platform. There’s also a growing library of music videos to keep you engaged and entertained on Tidal. If you’re unsure if Tidal can meet your music needs, there’s a 30-days trial period to test the waters and music waves.

There are about four audio quality settings between 96 to 9,214 kbps, depending on what you want.

We can say that Tidal has a clean and functional design that won’t even give you a hard time moving around the app.

2. Disctopia – Best Podcast Streaming Platform of 2022

streaming platform for musicians,Best Streaming Platform for Musicians,music creators app online

Disctopia is geared towards independent music and podcasts with unique music discovery features, an amazing content library and excellent audio quality. There are about five plans: Free, Basic, Creative, Creative+, and the Agency plan.

There’s no streaming platform for musicians on the internet with the wide range of indie music collections available on Disctopia. Aside from the growing music library, Disctopia is also fast establishing itself as a Podcasters paradise.

Let’s now talk about Disctopia’s smooth, lag-free and colourful interface. While you’ll love the current state of the UI, there are always constant improvements on the bells and whistles. While Disctopia is still growing, it has a music discovery feature; Explorethat delivers more accurate music suggestions than many other streaming platforms.

Currently, Disctopia is available on the Web, iOS, and Android.

3. Twitch – Live Streaming Option

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The idea behind this content is to widen your options as far as streaming platforms for musicians is concerned. We are throwing Twitch into the mix, a live streaming platform for musicians.

Twitch allows you to stream live and direct to your audience as an artist. There’s no other platform that allows you to build that one-on-one connection with your audience as Twitch. You can self-schedule your streams at your convenience.

Essentially, Twitch is one of the music creators app online that provides you with a streaming platform to grow into the artist you’ve always wanted to be. Not to forget that Twitch allows for numerous monetization methods that put good food on your table.

 4. Qobuz – Best For Audiophiles

streaming platform for musicians,Best Streaming Platform for Musicians,music creators app online

Qobuz prides itself as the streaming platform for musicians that allows you to listen to unlimited songs. You can search for songs by composition and artists; this is from about 70 million tracks.

We are recommending Qobuz for its audio quality. The lowest you’ll get on Qobuz is about 320 kbps. By the way, you can listen to these songs offline. Whether you are listening on a high-end music system or an android phone, you’ll still get a good sound quality.

If you’re a Jazz and Classic music fan, Qobuz is where you should be. But there’s also something for rock fans. The sound quality of Qobuz overshadows its UI.

 5. Soundcloud – Most User Friendly

streaming platform for musicians,Best Streaming Platform for Musicians,music creators app online

Soundcloud has the most number of tracks on this list at 135 million. We think it’s the most user friendly as it allows you to even share music with your loved ones. Soundcloud is one of the streaming platforms for musicians that has flipped the script on the music industry, and it’s not ready to stop.

As a listener, you can choose from the Free, Go and the Go+ options on Soundcloud. The platform has also been paying attention lately to indie artists. Currently, you can stream at 128 kbps on Soundcloud.

Soundcloud as a music creators app online is indeed people’s music streaming platform. One that is fast becoming a household name.

How To Choose The Best Streaming Platform for Musicians? 

There are a lot of streaming platforms for musicians in 2022, and our selections are based on certain criteria. You need to settle for the streaming platforms for musicians that will provide you with the best listening experience. Choosing one that provides you with music in a way that allows you to derive a unique enjoyment.

In this best streaming platform for musicians’ reviews, we’ve tried to make straightforward decision-making in choosing the best music creators app online . We arrived at five streaming platforms for musicians using these five criteria;

1. Pricing and Subscription Plans

One aspect of the industry is that streaming platforms for musicians operate mostly on a freemium model. While you can use the basic streaming features for free, the premium plans can be unlocked later with a subscription.

You’ll notice that you can still enjoy the basic features to deliver an amazing streaming experience in any of these options. You’ll enjoy the basic plan to the point where you’ll want more by subscribing to the premium plan.

2. User Experience 

While pricing is important, ease of use is also essential. Who wouldn’t want to listen to music or podcast on a good looking, sleeky app. We cannot just prioritize aesthetics; more attention and emphasis should be on functionality.

It’s a music library, but you should be able to navigate your way around without struggling or wriggling. Whatever streaming platform for musicians you choose, there must be a sorting option for libraries, a navigation bar, a search function, etc.

3. Music Discovery

Look at Disctopia’s Explore; it helps you discover new music and artists. That’s the uniqueness that streaming platform for musicians deliver, expanding your music taste.

While these music creators’ app online relies on computer algorithms to tailor this music to your taste, expert music curators are also involved. In the end, the combo of humans and computer algorithms helps to arrive at musical content you’ll enjoy.

4. Content Library and Variety

Today, streaming platform for musicians are going beyond just music. They are expanding their library to include audiobooks, podcasts, live radio shows, live streaming, ASMR, etc.

With this variety, streaming apps are worth all the money you pay as a subscription. There’s always something to keep you engaged on the app.

That’s not to even talk about the growing music catalogue in streaming platforms library. You cannot possibly exhaust what these platforms have to offer.

5. Streaming Quality

Usually, this is determined by the subscription plan you are on. There’s a difference between free and paid plans. You may not get beyond 128kbps on free plans, but paid plans can be as high as 320 kbps, while the HD plans can deliver as much as 9,216 kbps.

The higher the bitrate, the better the audio quality.