Necessary Self-Reflection for Indie Artists

Monetization of your music, increasing the number of downloads of your songs, building up fans and superfans — all this is a process with which you will be supporting yourself as an independent artist till you get an investor or a record label signs you up. It is like pulling your sleeves up and tilling your ground yourself before you could have flowers that would inspire you to create art.

Necessary Self-Reflection for Indie Artists

Creating music alone for the sake of selling, however, does not pay in the long run. It is a totally faulty strategy and you should stay away from it if you really want to make a career as an indie artist.

Below are some tough questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What’s original in this music that I am creating now? If your music does not have novelty, a purpose, a story, a theme or a cause, why somebody would like it. There is already so much of free music available for the sake of music alone. Be original!
  • Do I have a niche audience? It is important to find your niche audience because not everybody prefers every kind of music. If you are looking for serious fans who will stick with your music, you will need to find out the niche that they prefer.
  • Do I connect fully with my music and my fans? It is important to be yourself when you create music and also when you interact with your audience. Your fans want to know your nature, not the pretentious behavior that you may want to carry in front of others. Your vulnerabilities are your strengths!

Finally, it is important to value your own music like you will value your life — if you are creating music casually, only casual listeners will be attracted to it, which does not serve any purpose for the career and life of an indie artist.