Should I Start a Podcast: 5 Reasons To Start Podcasting as a Content Marketing Strategy

Should I Start a Podcast

Should I start a podcast as a content marketing strategy? We’ve seen content marketers ask these questions. Let’s provide answers to it.

No doubt, the podcasting industry is growing. There are about 7% more podcast listeners in 2021 than in 2020. Also, 54% of podcast listeners actively pay attention to ads on podcasts and are more likely to buy items promoted on a podcast.

Say, you already have a strategy in place, how do you broaden the reach of your brand? Adding a podcast to your content marketing strategy will not only increase your online presence but also helps to convert more customers easily.

Why else should podcasting be a part of your content marketing strategy?

1. A Pool of Content

You can convert your podcast into other content materials like blog posts, videos, emails, and infographics. Conversely, you can convert an existing blog post into a podcast.

As a marketer, repurposing your podcast gives you the ability to understand your customers better. Instead of spending time, money, and energy creating different content to suit diverse platforms, you can refashion your 30-minute or 1-hour show in varieties of ways.

For instance, you can share a video of your podcast on YouTube and as well create a blog post from the transcript. From there you can track and measure the success of both platforms using certain metrics.

With about 70% of podcast listeners consuming episodes to completion, you can be sure that your content will reach its target audience. However, to emphasize what was said on the show, you can make a recap in form of an infographic.

2. Low Competition

Currently, 90 million Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month but the number of businesses that use podcasts in their content marketing strategy is considerably low. That means you can still capture the industry while it is still in its infancy to promote your brand.

Therefore, podcasting as a content marketing strategy can make you a thought leader in your industry.

Whether you are a content marketer or you have a small business, you should know that podcasting marketing is relatively brand-new, but it is highly effective. Written contents, though effective, are overused.

While there are about 3 million podcasts on Listen Notes, there are more than 400 million blogs. More so, high incidents of fraud and misleading information on paid internet ads have reduced their credibility over the years.

3. Wider Reach

People listen to podcasts with their smartphones on the go. Podcasts are easy to consume. Unlike other content marketing strategies like videos that require some level of concentration, commuters listen to audio shows with their earphones.

People who work from home also use speakers to listen to podcasts while working, relaxing, or doing chores. This increases the chances that a significant proportion of the population will prefer podcasts to blog posts.

Also, since you can repurpose your podcast into a transcript, people who are hearing impaired can follow the show. Similarly, non-native English speakers can easily read through the transcript or caption of your show.

A podcast does not have to be a one-man show. You can expand your brand’s reach by inviting experts in the industry to the show. This will cement the trust customers have in your brand. Also, guests often promote their interviews within their network and on social media giving you more presence and exposure.

4. Ease of Podcasting

Podcasting is easy to start. How to start a podcast? With a microphone, a headphone, and a mixer, you can record a podcast. Also, recording software like Audacity and GarageBand is free. What’s more? You don’t need to buy expensive gadgets to be heard.

Unlike a radio show, you don’t need to know anyone to give you a slot with a perfect time of the day to get your podcast audience. You can choose to pre-record all your episodes at once.

Anyone can host a podcast. However, if you feel you don’t have what it takes to speak and connect with people about your brand, it is better to hire a professional. The podcast host will be the voice of your brand, so, they need to understand your business to sound credible.

Better still, you can link your content with an already established podcast. By so doing, an episode of the show can be dedicated to your business or you can weave in your business content without adding a new segment. You must make sure the show is relevant to your business in order to fit your content and build trust with the listeners.

5. Building Brand Credibility

One way to create a trustworthy brand is through communication with your customers. Podcasting is a very effective way to engage customers. Through podcasting, you can easily answer and address your customers’ concerns.

You can use your podcast as an avenue to ask for a review, reply feedbacks, curate emails, and build a relationship with your target customers. How to start a podcast? As people connect your brand with the voice on the podcast, you start building loyal followers who you can convert to generate revenue for your business.

When you create a direct link for your target customers to ask questions or give feedback, they begin to trust your business to deliver on its promises. Also, most people feel more connected to those who help them understand a product or explain an aspect of a business to them. This can be either the host of your podcast or a guest who is an expert in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Studies have shown that 45% of podcast listeners have an annual income of $250,000. Podcast consumers are rich, young, and educated. Also, the likelihood that podcast listeners will buy a product advertised on a podcast is high.

More than half of podcast consumers say they will consider buying a product due to podcast ads. Should I start a podcast? What are you waiting for? Your target customers are probably some of the listeners of podcasts and reaching them has never been easier.