“She’s ICONIC”: Newly released EP from Missy Elliot

There’s so much new and AMAZING music to be heard! With new releases from, Jidenna, Rapsody, Raphael Saadiq and so forth, there’s one release that’s causing quite the conversation.   It’s been 13 years since the Queen herself, ‘Missy Elliot’, released her last album and needless to say, the fans are ECSTATIC about the new edition to her extensive and iconic, music catalog.  

“She’s ICONIC”: Newly released EP from Missy Elliot
Missy Elliot-Photo Cred: Hypebae

Missy STILL Has it!

The EP was certainly unexpected! Aside from a small viral video that showcased the sounds of an “in-progress” song, and a social media post 24-hours before the release of the project, it was a sure surprise. She titled the EP, “Iconology”. One would call the title, MORE than fitting, considering that the 20+ year vet is a legend, in her own right. The issue with releasing music after a long period of time is, opinions are high! Scrutiny and nit-picking are at its finest. With the release of the EP, the question presents itself: “Does Missy Elliot still have it?” My answer to that question is: “YES! Missy Elliot STILL has it!!”


This EP screams “Missy Misdemeanor Elliott”-in production, sound, lyrics, and energy. It contains only 5 songs but manages to cover all fan expectations. Missy starts the listener off with high energy from the song, “Throw it Back”. Missy released the EP and a visual to go along with the opening song. Even the video contains that classic Missy Elliot flair; both abstract and daring. The listener can expect to hit the club, be in love, and break up, all in one. The EP is truly a ride!

My hat goes off to Missy! Though small in quantity, the EP proves large in quality. Missy Elliot is STILL undeniably one of the best to do it and the EP showcases that fact. If you haven’t heard her new work for yourself, I encourage you to go and check it out.