Record Labels Are Never Going To Become Extinct

Technology has changed the way people consume music. There is no doubt that technology is phasing out the overwhelming power of labels. However, the chances are remote that the labels will become obscure shortly. As an artist, you will always need access to distribution networks, power and influence of the media, and financial support. While print media is not doing so, labels are trying to understand and vigorously rework their models. Good labels provide the necessary exposure, access to promotional tools and financial support for some set projects. They are now trying to understand the importance of reworking their strategies and ideas to meet the challenges of the trying times.

Record Labels Are Never Going To Become Extinct

Why Labels Are Essential For You Too

As an artist, you must reflect on the fact of how long you can remain relevant as an indie artist depending on your ways. Only a handful of artists can hope to attempt what labels can do. Such artists are from the financially sound background and can afford these possibilities. Since many artists lack the sound backing by labels, they are not able to stand the fierce competition posed by the financial secure artists. Hence we can say over 80% of the indie artists today need labels to survive and promote their music and brand image.

How To Work With Labels Successfully

Major labels are keenly looking out for established acts. They have some amazingly structured deals to offer artists once these artists show up on their radar. We can say that distributing and marketing outside a country will be the future of any major label signing in the future. The debilitating royalty systems in some countries make this even more imminent. Good labels today are more influential than radio, and they rely on creating a considerable exposure to ensure success

Understand The Trends Today

Label development of talents is nearly non-existent in some regions. Labels understand today that they will be better placed if they hand development contracts to younger artists. In some geographies, the impact of special deals is very minimal. They can be a variant of what you are noticing today. The remaining puzzle that awaits to be solved is how to structure the agreement amidst the threats posed by the ridiculous royalty and copyright systems.

What Does It Mean To Be Independent In Today’s Confusing World of Labels?

Today, an artist’s development is a phase that has to move through absolute independence or must be guided by an independent label. It is, however, possible to be an independent artist while still working with labels. An increasing number of artists who lack access to big labels are working on their own to remove the middle man. They put use to some good streaming sites keeping in mind of the transactions that might happen between them and their fans. Special deals will only become more universal with the moving of times. The future of artist discovery will depend on signing acts based on their numbers across streaming sites and social media. This will ensure that labels get to enjoy a piece of the action too.