Rapper ‘Polo G’ looking to “Die a Legend”

Polo G in a black bandana

‘Die a Legend’

Chicago has always been known to breed consistent talent. Kanye, Chief, Dirk, Herb and now Polo G. Polo G is a 20-year-old rapper from Chicago, Illinois, who like the other rappers I mentioned, are full of talent and potential. This talent is put on full display in his debut effort, ‘Die a Legend.’

Transparency and Confidence

First listening to the album, I didn’t know much about Polo G besides hearing his name once or twice. So, unlike other reviews, I had no prior knowledge or music to compare his personal or artistic growth against. I came into this album completely blind not knowing what to expect, but I was surely happy with the results. Polo G caught my attention from the very first song, “Lost Files”. The urgency in his voice can’t help but grab the listeners attention. Pair that with his transparent raps, and it’s a match made in heaven. Transparency and confidence is something that is consistent throughout this project. When he tells you about his struggles, you believe him. He raps with the type of confidence that makes you as if he can back up anything you hear him say. You feel the emotion in his voice, and music is all about feeling. If the listener feels whatever the artist is giving them, it’s a win-win.

Die a Legend
Polo G Photo Cred HotNewHipHop

Another thing I enjoyed from this project is his natural ear for melodies. On numerous hooks such as, “Finer Things”, “Through da Storm”, and the breakout single “Pop Out”, I noticed how catchy the hooks were. Being able to tie a song with your own hook, is what separates good rappers from good song makers. Although the music here isn’t necessarily groundbreaking or different, his ability to portray his personality helps him stand out. When listening to this album, I feel like I got a good understanding of who Polo G is, his upbringing, his passions, and his goals. If he keeps going, I think he’ll not only die a legend but live as one.