PR Campaign Checklist For Developing Bands

The PR campaign needs of every band are unique depending on their popularity and the stage of development they’re in. If you are a developing band, you do not need to spend months trying to decide on what you need to do. You are not in a position to decline press opportunities, and you should learn to be comfortable when sharing content. So, here is a PR campaign checklist that will prove handy for you to work your way out during a relentless PR campaign to promote your band.

PR Campagin

Making Your Music Available

Especially when you are a developing band, you need as many people as possible to listen to your music. Your creations should be able to create a buzz that will establish your presence in the vast music industry we have today. If your music happens to be leaked you should take advantage of the situation and use it to promote future shows or music. You will need to create a profile as early as possible and never think CD sales is the only avenue to generate money.

The Approach Towards Press Coverage

It is vital that you address all possible avenues when it comes to PR. There should not be several denials of press coverage if the opportunity rises. Be realistic with your targets and come up with local solutions.

Timeline For Servicing

It is essential to see to that big leads get your music first. This is because they are the ones that will work in advance as far as possible and have the greatest power of spreading your content. Also, it is not prudent to turn down short leads. Following quick short leads allows you to explore all the possible ways you can create a buzz.

Exclusive Content

Reflect on the idea of needing exclusive content to give to press outlets. For any given outlet, check whether exclusive content will be of some use. When you have created your exclusive content, decide on who and what you will be doing with that piece. When you are coming up, an outlet might not assure enough ROI regarding traffic or clicks. However, you will benefit from that outlet that works with the motive of helping developing bands. Hence, you might be lucky if they decide to take an interest in you.

Radio and Tour Press

By having a publicist on board, you can make them take care of what is to be done. Decide if a radio campaign will suit you at this point. Also, reflect on if you are willing to go on a tour. On a three week tour, if you are the first one of six bands, you must make your way out to create an impression on people. This must be one of your goals aside from the regional press. If you are doing it all by yourself, give priority to putting up a good show first.

Online Press

For many developing bands, the online media is often the all-time bread and butter. Find good friends and socialize in this domain. First, start with local writers and outlets. It is highly useful to be proactive with the media related to your genre and market. Get on the radar as soon as possible. Though this might not be a complete or comprehensive solution for you, this strategy will help you become famous.