Podcast SEO: How To Find Your Podcast Ranking

Podcast SEO

If you’ve been working on your Podcast SEO, its time to shift focus to podcast rankings. Without knowing how your podcast ranks, you won’t know if your podcast promotions and marketing effort are paying off. Your podcast ranking is a way to measure your podcast against other podcast shows, especially the top ones.

The issue is that every podcast hosting platform has its podcast ranking criteria and metrics. What is applicable on Apple Podcast is different from Google Podcasts or Disctopia’s. Once you know where to look, you’ll know if your podcast promotion strategy is working or if there’s a need for a switch.

While we’ve focused on how to boost your podcast ranking in the past, let’s now talk about whether it’s working or not.

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What’s The Best Way to Track Podcast Ranking? 

While there are many ways to track your podcast ranking, choosing Disctopia as your podcast hosting platform will get you closer to the information you need. On Disctopia, you’ll find a True Play dashboard with deep reporting and analytics tools.

By exploring these metrics on Disctopia’s TruePlay, you’ll be able to track your podcast ranking. By understanding the listener’s engagement, you can work around a suitable marketing strategy.

How Does Google Sees Podcasts?

The journey of Podcast SEO started in 2019 when Google announced that it would be opening up a space for podcasts on SERPs. This implies that any of your podcast episodes could be the answer to a search query on Google.

From that point, Google started paying ample attention to podcasts by analyzing and transcribing podcasts. For many podcasters, the ability to feature in Google SERP has opened up incredible opportunities. You now have the same advantage as bloggers and websites; you are even better positioned with the combination of audio and text.

That said, let’s consider how to track your podcast rankings;

1. Carry Out SEO Audit

In increasing the reach of your audio content, you need to be able to run efficient SEO audits regularly. Those in the blogging niche understand the importance of SEO audits, but podcasters are not well aware of it.

SEO audits for podcasts check the health of your podcast website and every other digital resource. You’ll be analyzing your current podcast SEO efforts and be able to take immediate actions based on the insights the SEO audit provides.

When carrying out SEO audits on your podcast, focus on keyword usage, backlinks, latent semantic indexing, organic search ranking, and your competition.

2. Check Podcharts

While you might have carried out Podcast SEO Audits, another important tool to assess your podcast promotion strategies will be Podcharts. The strength of Podcharts lies in showing you the movement of your podcast ranking over time.

Podcharts also allows you to see how your podcast show is doing by country. This is quite an important tool if your podcast targets a specific country. Another tool on Podchart is ranking your podcast against others in your niche.

If your podcast show gets into the top 100 of your country, you’ll also be notified.

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3. See Your Podcast Ranking on Chartable

Similar to Podcharts with a little difference. Chartable captures podcast ranking over time; it shows how your position has changed. If you can’t find your podcast on the list, you can locate it using the search box.

There are indicators on Chartable that will show you your podcast’s performance over time.

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Final Thoughts

No doubt about the growing popularity of podcasts to the point of brand and corporate adoption. By applying all of the important Podcast SEO strategies, you’ll know whether you are getting any results.

You need to go all out to show Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines the value you have to offer via your podcast contents.