6 Platforms To Hire Voiceover Artists For Your Podcast 2024

Platforms To Hire Voiceover Artists For Your Podcast

As a podcaster, you are faced with fierce competition in the industry. According to Edison Research, there are over two million podcasts out there. Therefore, retaining the loyalty and attention of fans requires a certain level of originality and creativity. We’ve curated some of the best platforms to hire voiceover artists for your podcast.

One of the ways to stand out is by hiring voiceover artists for your podcast show. While this can be a great addition to both new and existing shows, it can also backfire if not done right. Therefore, you need to get the right talent in a voice artist.

Voice actors can provide excellent audio for your podcast’s introduction and closing. Here you will find some great places to hire the right voiceover artists for your podcast;

1. Voices.com

Voices.com has a pool of talented people with varying degrees of voice acting skills. The platform specializes in linking voiceover artists with the right project. You only need to post the type of voice actor you require for your podcast, and you will receive auditions from likely contenders. You can then pick a voice actor from the auditions sent to you.

Why Voices.com?

You do not need to work directly with a voice actor. If you are unsure which audition is the best to choose and how to deal with a voiceover artist, voices.com will give you a representative that will act as an intermediary between you and the voiceover artist.

2. Red Facilities

Red Facilities is a professional design and audio post-production company with one of the best solutions to your podcast voiceover needs. Apart from podcasting, Red Facilities also produce sound for audio and TV advertising and surround sound mixing and dubbing.

Why Red Facilities?

Rather than hiring freelancers for your podcast voiceover, you can get an established artist with access to a fully equipped studio. Based in Scotland, Red Facilities has two full-fledged studios. Red Facilities will also give you the necessary assistance and guide you when deciding the right accent and tone you need for your show.

3. Bodalgo

If you need a professional voiceover artist with local intonation for your podcast, then Bodalgo is your best bet. This award-winning online casting platform will give your podcast the superior sound you want. After posting your podcast description, Bodalgo connects podcasters and other project owners with talented voiceover actors.

Why Bodalgo?

Bodalgo boasts more than ten thousand professionals speaking over 80 languages. Bodalgo has a tool known as Bodalgo call that allows the project owner to connect to the speaker’s studio remotely without delay. Since you are dealing directly with the voiceover actor, you do not have to pay any fees to the website.

4. Voice123

Voice123 prides itself as the oldest voiceover marketplace. You can find some of the best voiceover artists on the website for your podcast. You can either search the directory, listen to the samples posted on the voiceover platform to choose the right talent, or post your project. The website will connect you with the relevant voice actor for your podcast.

Why Voice123?

Like Bodalgo, you interact directly with the voice actor on voice123. If your budget is low or you are just testing the waters, you can efficiently work with what you have. Also, rather than waiting for the platform to link you with the right voice actor, you can decide who is suitable for your podcast needs based on the posted samples.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace to hire talented voiceover actors for your podcast. Fiverr is a hub of talent for outsourcing jobs. There, you can find verified voiceover artists with years of experience. To help in your selection, you can check the reviews by past clients.

Why Fiverr?

Even though Fiverr does not specialize in audio post-production, you can build a relationship with the voice actors you hire. Also, if you are on a tight budget, you will find voiceover artists on Fiverr that will match your project budget.

6. Bunny Studio

Do you want a well-produced and thoroughly vetted voiceover for your podcast? Then Bunny Studio is just the place for you. With over 13,000 creative professionals, the platform is a haven for voice actors and their clients. Bunny Studio carefully selects the best from a pool of talents to hold the 4% professional position.

Why Bunny Studio?

Even though Bunny Studio reviews each project to ensure you get only the best output, it delivers within 12 hours. You can choose from more than a hundred languages available as voiceover samples on the platform for your podcasts. With transparent pricing, you can quickly get a quote for your project with just a few clicks.

Key Takeaways on Platforms To Hire Voiceover Artists For Your Podcast

Without a doubt, making your podcast show stand out should be a priority. You might be doing what everyone else is doing, but that little extra is what makes it unique.

Why don’t you consider any of these platforms to hire voiceover artists for your podcast. You will see a surge in yourh audience rate and engagement increase?