Newly Released Album “KIRK” from DaBaby

Kirk Newly released album
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Charlotte is sitting comfortably at the top of discussions after DaBaby dropped his New album, “KIRK”. DaBaby has given me no reason to believe he won’t consistently be dropping music and albums for his fans to enjoy. Even when DaBaby is creating his content, he’s a featured artist on all of the hottest music. His short but exciting 13 song studio project has features from some of the most talked-about names today. Such as: Lil’ Baby, Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, and many more.

It’s What We’d Expect

I’ve always been a fan of DaBaby’s individualism in his raps, as well as his beat selection. With producers like London on the Track and Jetson, he always channels his inner creativeness and uses his beats to their full potential. His flow makes every song feel as if he invested in the song; whether it be a radio single or an album filler. He talks about the hard life he came up from, as well as the lavish lifestyle he lives now.
While I enjoyed this album A LOT, and have been playing it since its release, I can’t help but say it’s just about what you’d expect from his music.

Upbeat & Hard Based

When I say that, I don’t mean to downplay or demean his music. It feels like his other albums! DaBaby’s formula consists of witty punchlines, thuggish backstories, and various ways to end his opposition. One song that did surprise me was “INTRO”. In the song, he got very personal and talked about his late father. At first, I didn’t like the song. After a few listens I dissected the lyrics and saw just how deep he got and that’s a positive sign for me. The rest of the album is the upbeat, hard based song that DaBaby has coined.

DaBaby Represents Charlotte

Another thing I love about DaBaby is how much he represents Charlotte (which may be biased since I’m from there) in his raps. Aside from J. Cole, I’ve never even heard a NORTH CAROLINA rapper, name drop his city as much as DaBaby does. He takes a lot of pride in where he was raised. The energy he puts in every song tells me that he’s grateful that he made it out of his situation, and that he refuses to go back to that lifestyle. He cares a lot for his children and the life he’s made for them. To conclude, the album is full of songs that’s everyone can dance to, sing along with, and blast full volume with friends. I don’t think many people argue when DaBaby pops up on the aux nowadays, and I don’t think they’ll argue for years to come.