New single ‘Myspace’, from the rich-sounding, melodic, Indie Artist “Samoht”

MySpace Single Album Cover

“If you don’t inspire me, you’ve got to go.”. This is the opening line to the new single ‘Myspace’, from the rich-sounding, melodic, Indie Artist “Samoht”. I call it…PURE HEAT! He takes the very relevant and reiterating theme of self-care and infuses it with some of the best sounds I’ve heard in a while. It’s about ME right now; I am my OWN focus; I come first; “I’m kinda in this new space where my space is my space and don’t belong to nobody but me, yeah just me.”.

New single ‘Myspace’, from the rich-sounding, melodic, Indie Artist “Samoht”
Samoht (Photo credit: Christie Ramiah) – Rolling out

The lyrics accurately tell not only Samoht’s personal journey and story but literally ANYONE and EVERYONE’S story; giving him an A+ in creating music that people can relate to.  “…I know people who lied to me, told me things they knew that would hurt, fuck them I’m hurt.” SHEESH!! Could he be any more precise?

If you’re familiar with his 2018 masterpiece of an album, ‘MXXN WAVE’, then you already knew to expect his unapologetic and honest undertone. He fills the end of the song with the right kind of “Oohh’s” and “Aahh’s” to make you forget that you were ever listening to a song; it turns into more of a therapy session. This song resonates! It’s real! I’ve been where he’s been-We’ve ALL been where he’s been. “I’m new to putting me first” too, Samhot. And honestly, if this is a preview into his next body of work, I need that A.S.A.P!