5 Lessons Newbie Podcasters Can Learn From The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience

As a newbie looking to start a podcast, you’ll need mentors in the podcasting niche to hold you by the hands, and guide you. Podcasting has become a global medium for people to share information, opinions, and content, audio or video.

In the United States, approximately 75% of its population is familiar with podcasting, and more than 50% are all podcast fans who listen to podcasts daily.

Now let’s talk about The Joe Rogan Experience;

When The Conversation called Joe Rogan the goliath of Podcasting, it was not because of controversies surrounding him but the growth he has experienced since 2009.

Joe Rogan officially launched his podcast on YouTube with comedian Brian Redban in 2009. Today, the Joe Rogan Experience has become one of the most popular podcasts globally, with an average of 11 million listeners per episode.

In less than two decades, the show has hosted prominent guests such as Graham Hancock, Elon Musk, Jocko Willink, Bill Burr, Jordan Peterson, and Edward Snowden. In 2020Spotify went into a $200 million deal to host The Joe Rogan Experience exclusively. Joe Rogan didn’t get to where he is now in the blink of an eye; it took him a lot of time and dedication due to his love of podcasting.

The question now is; how do I start a podcast that can grow to the stature of The Rogan Experience. Below are five lessons newbie podcasters can learn from the Joe Rogan Experience.

In this post, we’ll be taking lessons from The Joe Rogan Experience. These lessons will help podcasters grow and establish a podcast show that stands the test of time. 

1. Approach Podcasting With Zeal and Passion

Anyone interested in podcasting must be zealous and passionate about it. You can’t just start something you don’t find interesting. We’ve seen many people get into podcasting for the money without any hunger and passion. Eventually, they fizzle out and podfade.

Joe Rogan has a strong interest in podcasting and decided to pursue it. At one point, Rogan realized the need to increase the number of podcasts produced each week. So, he eventually did that as he planned and stayed six to seven hours a day creating podcasts.

It was exhausting for him and Redban to deal with, but because of his passion for podcasting and desire to increase the number of active listeners and views, he invested the time and hardwork.

2. You Can Get To Start-up Your Podcast Anywhere

A lot of podcasters are not making progress because of  the belief that there are sophisticated equipment needed to start a podcast. That’s far from the truth; you can start a podcast with a smartphone or tablet.

The great thing about podcasting is that you can start your podcasts in your room and grow from there. Joe Rogan began his podcast from his California home before relocating to Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, where he secured a private studio.

Joe wasn’t rushing to have a studio or let the lack of one deter him from starting a podcast. He remained resolute, determined, and assured himself that he would be able to expand his podcast and earn enough money to get a private studio. He later moved to Texas in 2020 due to his Spotify deal.

Newbies should be able to trust this growing process, particularly those who are not yet financially stable.

3. Consistency and Desire for Expansion

Another take-home from Joe Rogan’s Experience is his desire to expand and grow his podcast show. He began with an audio podcast before transitioning to a video podcasting.

He was one of the first to venture into video podcasting, long before most people saw the light.

Joe Rogan was constantly delivering podcasts daily and never took a long hiatus since he understood it would cause a drop in his active listeners. The Rogan Experience did not limit itself to a single sector for their podcast episodes but instead included comedy, academics, entertainers, non-political individuals, UFC fighters, and musicians.

4. Learn to Stay Motivated and Set Your Path

Joe Rogan was an individualist who trusted himself and his talents to achieve success. He never underestimated himself when he began the Joe Rogan Experience, and he is still growing strong in his podcast broadcasts today.

Joe Rogan never let others make decisions for him; instead, he always followed his heart and accomplished whatever he wanted. Newbie podcasters may learn from this and never wait for someone to tell them what they should be doing other than podcasting.

Learn to stay motivated at all times and to make your own rules. Never let someone else drive your decision for you. If you want to start podcasting, now is the time to do it because time does not wait for anybody.

5. Never Let Controversies and Criticisms Pull You Down.

As a new podcaster, you shouldn’t be afraid of controversies, even if they put you under pressure. Controversies are going to trail you at a point, rather than allow them weight you down, take advantage of it to gain new listeners more than you’ll lose.

It would be best if you viewed every controversy as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and become better than before. The Joe Rogan Experience has faced many controversies, but it hasn’t stopped the show from growing its subscription base.

Final Thought

The Joe Rogan Experience teaches newbies valuable lessons to grow and scale their podcast.

As the host and creator of the world’s most popular podcast, Joe Rogan Rome wasn’t built in a day. He started from somewhere, and he never stopped building. Just put the first brink, and build from there.