Is Future’s “Monster” Album, STILL a Monster?

Future is wearing a striped black and white shirt with a red mark down the middle. Future has on black sunglasses.
Future's Monster Album
Future-Photo Cred: BBC

Last Monday, Future’s “Monster” album was rereleased for listeners to enjoy. Originally releasing October 28th, 2014, Future gave us some of his greatest hits of all time in one album. Fantastic hits like “Monster”, “Throw Away”, and his hot single “Codeine Crazy”, along with dozens of others that solidified their place in his discography. After revisiting the album, I came to ask myself one simple question; How impactful was Future’s “Monster”, on his career?

There are obvious gems in Future’s discography that are staples to his career. Such as DS2 and WATTBA. But I feel like this album gives us insight into Future’s artistic style and creativity on beats. Future is well known for his versatility in beat usage, whether it be hard Trap beats or slowed down love-Esq style of music. This versatility is what I feel pushes him ahead of many artists in his genre. Another talent I think Future has is his ability to paint a vivid picture using words. Whether it be a true story, or the generic “Money, Hoes, and Clothes” rap, he always puts the listener in the position of his lavish lifestyle. His gripping storytelling ability, coupled with his natural Atlanta swagger is an amazing combination for a track.

One thing I love about this album is how easy it is for me to play the whole album without a skip. This is a trend I find in every Future album. He makes music for all moods. Happy, sad, heartbroken, lit, you name it; Future has it. So what do you think about Monster? Did it shape his discography for you as it did for me, or is it something you can glance over?