“Invented It” Review: New Single by Indie Artist ‘Baby Keem’

Black and white photo of Baby Keem.

Hykeem Carter, known professionally as Baby Keem, is an up and coming rapper/producer who is more than ready to make his mark on the industry. You may not know his name but you’ve definitely heard his sound. Keem is well plugged with TDE, boasting credits on both the Black Panther soundtrack and Jay Rock’s, ‘Redemption’. He has released a set of his own projects. First the ‘Hearts and Darts’ – EP and then most recently with ‘The Sound of Bad Habit’.

rapper Baby Keem
Baby Keem Photo Cred: Fashionably Early

I first heard of Baby Keem in late 2018, while scrolling on twitter. Someone mentioned how talented they thought he was and how far they believed his talent will take him. Me, being the inquisitive person I am, decided to see for myself. As soon as I pressed play on his song “Miss Charlotte” off of ‘The Sound of Bad Habit’, I was hooked! I soon found myself mentioning his music to anybody that was willing to listen. I knew from then, this man was a star.

Now, Baby Keem presents his newest effort, his single “Invented It”. This song follows a similar formula, like most of the songs from The Sound of Bad Habit. I have NO problems with that. To me, it seems as if he is getting closer and closer to perfecting his sound. “Invented It”, is extremely short, sitting right at a 1:30, but the hook is infectious. I can certainly see listeners singing it all day without even realizing it. I’m excited to see what’s to come from Baby Keem in the future, and if this song is any indication of his future efforts, then my excitement seems to be justified.