Indie Musician’s Road Map To Resurrecting The Facebook Page

A Facebook page is an effective way for bands to reach out to existing fans as well as attracting new ones. Today not many musicians are as active on Facebook as they were in the past. Often you might feel as if your Facebook page is looking a little bland. Though Facebook is doing extremely well, your presence on Facebook might be what is suffering. If this is your case, then here is how you can resurrect your Facebook page.

Indie Musicians and Facebook

Share More Videos and Pictures

Visuals help you get connected with viewers quickly and more effectively. This is a solid reason why a lot of videos and photos are being shared on Facebook today. As a matter of fact, Facebook is giving top priority to video content while it might be in the process of determining what content will be displayed on the user feeds. If you have been posting some good videos on YouTube, get them on to Facebook too. While posting any new video, make it a point to upload them to both platforms. Know that even a 20-second clip of your band singing in the van could be super entertaining.

Include a Facebook Call to Action on Your Page

While building your email list or trying to attract views for a new video, include a call to action button on your cover photo preferably next to the like button. You may choose phrases like Contact Us, Book Now, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, Play Game or Use App to name your button. This is a simple but great way to get started. Choose from the above options and follow the prompts. After setting up the call to action, you can check Facebook’s analytics to know to what extent it is helping you attract viewers.

Set Up a Facebook Event For an Ongoing Event

You might already be aware of how to get a useful Facebook event for your shows. It is also possible to create Facebook events for current events too. You can think of a crowdfunding campaign, concert series, online yard sale, tour or anything else in your music life that will take more than a few days. Creating an ongoing event is a fantastic way to alert your diehard fans to some critical news without unnecessarily bombarding those that are not interested in receiving frequent updates.

Try Facebook Advertising or Posts That Can Boost Up

Reaching out all your fans on Facebook will require a lot of spending on your part. When you have something exciting or essential to announce including a new single, a video launch or a new tour, you must ensure that your message is being heard. Depending on your goals, it might also be a good idea to post an update. Observe what you are capable of doing regarding organic reach. It is also a good idea to invest in boosting up your reach. This can be a good idea rather than trying to create an ad from scratch.