Sam Rock photo of Tyler the Creator


IGOR is everything you didn’t expect from Tyler, The Creator, as well as everything you needed from him. On this album, Tyler is pulling back the layers of himself. Given us, a closer peek inside the brain of Tyler Okonma. On songs like “A BOY IS A GUN” and “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” he is pouring out his feelings for his lover. In the latter, he wants his lover to show him their real selves, beyond the front they put on for everyday people by stating, “take your mask off, I need it out the picture.” This is delivered over a simplistic beat of snaps, what appears to be a bass and beautiful background vocals.

Play-by Play

While he pours out his lovesick heart on the majority of the album, he isn’t just playing the role of the hopeless lover. On the first half of “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU” with CeeLo Green, Tyler finally comes to terms with the results of his former relationship, saying “At least I had it, instead of never.” In the second half of the song, you see Tyler’s final feelings for his lover, gratefulness. He thanks them for all the good times they shared and the lessons he learned throughout the relationship.

Sam Rock

Although this album is filled with love and personal confessions, it doesn’t come without the braggadocious rapper that we have heard before. On the drum heavy, “WHAT’S GOOD” Tyler is keen to let the listener know that he isn’t all just sob stories and still views himself in high regard. He even goes so far as calling himself God by saying, “Hard to believe in God when there ain’t no mirrors around, what’s up?”

This album was beautifully put together. From the surprise features to the production. On the early fan favorite, “EARFQUAKE,” Tyler croons over the beautiful piano chords, and distorted drums, with a song enhancing feature from both Playboi Carti and Charlie Wilson. On “PUPPET” we hear a surprising Kanye feature. Kanye doesn’t do much but mumble throughout his verse, but you can’t help but love it over the gorgeous synths and drums. While the content of the songs on this album is amazing, the production on IGOR is what ties it together. Musically, I don’t know where Tyler goes from here, but I do know I can’t wait to find out.