How To Set-Up A Professional Email Address For Your Indie Record Label

Email is far from dead; it’s still one of the best things on the internet today. While instant messaging has gained popularity, it has not displaced the role of email in communication. Email remains the primary channel of communication in the business world. As an indie record label, email communication will always be at the center of your business.   


Today, there are about 4.2 billion email users, that’s about half of the world population. Interestingly, this figure is expected to grow to 4.48 billion by 2024. Do you know that about 85% of email users check it daily? That’s to show that email is alive and waxing stronger by the day.   

Let’s state something straight; if you want to be taken seriously as an indie record label, you need to create a business email address. In short, your email address should be your first line of defense in demonstrating credibility and legitimacy as an indie record label.   

In this piece, we’ll explore the methods you can toe in acquiring a professional email address for your new indie record label;   

1. Google Workspace 

There’s nothing wrong with having a Gmail address for your indie record label. Interestingly, you can host your email on Google Workspace wrapped around your domain name. For example, if your domain name is, you can have  

The idea is to have a working email address hosted on Google Workspace, giving you access to other Google Workspace tools, e.g., Google Drive, Google Hangouts, etc.   

Let’s set up an email address for your indie record label using Google Workspace;   

Create a Google Workspace Account

Click here to launch the account set-up wizard; you will have to provide information about your business, e.g., business name, number of employees, and contact info. You will also be asked if you have an existing domain. If you do, click “YES I HAVE ONE I CAN USE”  

Link Your Existing Domain

Let’s say you have an existing domain, you need to add it to your Google Workspace at this moment.   

Add Others To Your Google Workspace

Since you are running an indie record label, you’ll have others working alongside you. You will need to create an email for every member of your family. There’s room to add at least ten members of your team to Google Workspace. There’s also room to add groups like or  

Verify Domain Name With Google

This is where things get technical a bit. To verify your domain, you will need a TXT record. Google will detect where your domain is hosted upon entering your TXT record and provide you with the needed help.   

You will then proceed to the cPanel dashboard at your host, locate the Advanced DNS Zone Editor, from where you can then go ahead to add the required data.   

Add MX Records

The last step also involves a bit of technicality. It is adding the MX records to your Google Workspace. More like instructing Google Workspace to handle the email for your registered domain. This can only be done via your domain host cPanel, but if your host does not have one, you should reach out to support to know what to do. Find the MX entry in your cPanel and click on Set Google MX.  

You just set up your Google Workspace email, and everything should work fine now.   

2. Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 is quite similar to Google Workspace as Microsoft 365 has its array of tools. To create a professional email for your indie record label using Microsoft 365, you’ll need a premium Microsoft 365 subscription.   

Follow these steps to get started;   

Buy a Premium Microsoft 365 Subscription

Go to Microsoft 365 website and click on the buy button. You may not need one if you have an existing account with a subscription.   

Link and Verify Your Domain 

You need to log in to your Microsoft 365 dashboard to configure it for use. Add your domain name and allow it to be used for your email. There are three ways to verifying your domain; we recommend using the Add a TXT record to the domain’s record. Go to your dashboard at your web host, locate your DNS management settings. This is where you will be able to set up your DNS record.   

Choose TXT and enter the TXT record you previously copied. Head back to your Microsoft 365 set-up and click verify. If this goes well, you’ll be able to add users such as   

Set-up Your DNS Record

This is about linking your domain to Microsoft servers and other related online services. This step will be automatically completed if your domain is registered with either GoDaddy, WordPress, Plesk, Media Template, Cloudflare, EuroDNS, and 1&1 IONO. Outside of these hosts, you will have to set up your DNS manually.   

We recommend that you set up my online service as this will populate the fields by itself. You can then go ahead to choose the online service you wish to use. Let’s say Microsoft Exchange or Skype for Business.   

The next screen will prompt you to Import DNS Records. You can choose to click Add Record to do it manually.   

Update Nameservers

Go to Domains in your registrar or host dashboard. Locate where you can add or edit nameservers. Ensure you update at least two records as provided by Microsoft. You’ll find the needed data in your Microsoft 365 set-up wizard. It may take about 30 minutes for the change to reflect.   

Go back to the set-up wizard and click continue. You just set up a professional email for your indie record label.   

3. GoDaddy Email Service 

GoDaddy also allows you to acquire professional email services for your indie record label as a domain and hosting service provider. This is one of the cheapest email service providers today and ideal for anyone with a website hosted on the GoDaddy premium.   

If you have your website hosted on GoDaddy, we’ll recommend that you use the GoDaddy email service.   

Subscribe To a Plan

An individual email plan starts from $1.99/month. You can choose to add more users and select your term length.   

Set Up Accounts 

Go to the My Product Tab and select the domain you want to use for your professional email address (you might have more than one domain). Follow the prompt to configure and create the email address.   

Update Your DNS 

If you are using a domain registrar other than GoDaddy, you will have to update your DNS to verify your domain. Once you are done verifying your domain, you are set to use your email service.   

5 Rules to Stay Professional With Your Email  

Immediately you send out an email, and the recipient receives it; that’s when you make an impression. We know that every single person has one of those This is far from being professional as it lowers your expectation and affects clients’ trust. Here are five rules you should abide by;   

Rule 1: It Should Be Pronounceable and Memorable 

The majority of those you’ll be communicating with via email open their emails on their smartphone. This makes the address prone to misspelling.   

More so, you’ll be reading out emails aloud in meetings; ensure that it’s easy to spell.   

Rule 2: Exclude Numbers or Symbols 

Numbers or symbols aren’t good for business; avoid things like or   

This can even land your email inside the spam or junk box of your recipient.   

Rule 3: Gain Credibility Through Your Email Domain 

There’s a huge gap between using and When your email address carries your website domain name, you can build trust and brand awareness.   

Imagine cold pitching from the two; one is bound to be taken seriously than the other.   

Rule 4: Leave Out Your Position 

There’s no need to put your official position or skill in the email address. Avoid emails like Whatever your position is should be reserved for the email signature.   

Rule 5: Make Use of Generic Email Address 

When acquiring an email address for your Indie Record Label, make room for certain aspects of your business. You can create for your support team, or let’s say, for your marketing team.