How to Sell Your Music to a Stranger

Sell music to strangers

Despite being one of the most popular pursuits globally, the competition in the music industry is quite fierce. Over the years, the means through which musicians also make money is rapidly changing. With the advent of online music platforms, how to sell music to strangers has to be answered.

Being an indie artist, you might see making money from music as a lofty idea, but it’s not impossible. As tough as things might appear, there are tons of ways you can earn a good living as an indie artist.

Sell Your Music to Strangers

In this article, we’ll explore how you can go from being an unknown indie artist to one that can sell music to strangers. There’s a caveat though, don’t expect overnight success. Just be ready to invest time, plan, and work hard. Keep in mind that there’s a vast audience out there ready to hear your music.

To keep track of your progress, let’s set a target of selling to your first 1000 listeners. The goal is not to map out a route to selling your music to nothing less than a thousand listeners.

What Will You Need to Sell Your Music To Strangers?

  • Ability to Make Good Music

Please think of this as a pre-requisite; there’s no two way around it. Write down about 3 to 5 artists you love listening to; for each of them, list out what you love about their music.

We’ll consider them as role models. While you are not trying to be a copycat, ensure that those qualities that endeared you to them are present in your music.

  • Money, Men, and Materials

Now, you won’t need thousands of dollars to sell your music to your first 1000 listeners, but a couple of hundreds will be needed. Yes, you don’t have much money to throw around, but you still need a bit.

Aside from money, you’ll need to attract and mobilize the best of men and materials available to you.

  • Hustle and A Burning Desire

To be real, you’ll need to up your hustling game and fire up your desire to succeed as a musician. If money isn’t enough as a motivating factor, you’ll need to locate what you consider successful.

Most importantly, and anyone might not tell you this, you’ll be rejected a lot. You need to put on a thick skin and be ready to handle rejection when it’s thrown at you severally.


Steps to Follow to Sell Your Music to Strangers

Before you get into these steps, ensure you’ve located all of the three pre-requirements. Else, you’ll find it challenging to sell your music to strangers. Here’s what you need to do;

  1. Create The Best Music You Can Make

Many wannabe artists out there who are concerned about selling music even before they write and record their first tracks, don’t be like that. Be as professional as possible in recording your EP, Album, or Singles.

Don’t go looking for a free studio; ensure you don’t blow the budget to record and mix your music.

2. Package Your Music

There’s stiff competition out there, and you need to stand out. Even if your music is incredible, the only way your fans can remember your music is through your branding.

You don’t have to spend a lot in packaging your music; ask your friends to take your best angles. There are also free designing tools at your disposal to create unique artwork for your music.

3. Choose The Format and Where to Sell Your Music

As an indie artist, the best platform to sell your music will in 2021 is Disctopia. The platform guarantees your financial stability as a creative. This is if you have decided to sell your music online and in digital format.

You can decide to print 1000 CDs if you prefer physical products. However, your best bet will still be selling your music on streaming platforms.

4. Start Promoting Your Music

While the platform you choose to sell your music matters, the onus also falls on you to be involved in your music’s marketing. This is where the few hundreds of dollars might come useful.

Of course, by the time you record your music and pay a one-time fee on Disctopia, few bucks are gone. However, you can make the most of the remaining budget by blogging, running Facebook ads, and many other promotion mediums.

Final Thoughts

As easy as this might appear, selling your music to strangers might not be that easy. You will find yourself frustrated and tired at a point, but that’s where your hustle spirit comes into play.

If you know any indie artist, or you are an indie artist struggling to sell their music to strangers, visit Disctopia and get started.