How To Outsource My Podcast Episode Editing

How to outsource podcast editing

Ask any established or veteran podcaster, and they will reel out stories of how time-consuming and tasking podcast editing can be. That’s why it’s important to address the topic of how to outsource podcast editing. As daunting as podcast editing might appear, it’s an integral part of the podcast creation process. That’s if you intend to host a listener-friendly and successful podcast (we bet you do).

The average time of podcast editing will be between 15 minutes to 5 hours. In a Quora answer, a Podcast Editor spent 4 hours of editing on a 1-hour podcast. That’s due to the quality of the audio. In the opinion of Tanner Campbell, a Podcast Engineer, you will need 4 hours for the listening, engineering, and mastering of the podcast audio. However, it’s best to have a 5-hour window for the podcast editing process. 

How to Outsource Podcast Editing

The good thing is that there is a growing industry of experienced podcast production professionals. These professionals are in the service of podcast editing, scriptwriting, podcast research, guest management, podcast promotion, and many more. You can hire these trained hands for a reasonable and fair price for every of your podcast episodes. 

Of all the podcast production tasks, we feel it’s best you outsource your podcast episode editing. It’s all about reclaiming your time which you can invest into other podcast production tasks. That’s why we’ll be providing you with proven ideas in outsourcing podcast episode editing and getting results. 

Why Should You Outsource Podcast Editing? 

You did not start your podcast to spend all day editing. Why should you invest 5 hours into podcast editing when this can be outsourced? If time is not of concern to you (of course, it is), then consider these other reasons for outsourcing your podcast editing; 

1. Do You Have The Software and Equipment For Podcast Editing? 

As a newbie in podcasting, unsure of what the future holds, you are likely not to have the right tools for podcast editing. There’s no harm in delaying the investment into the right tools.

Podcast editing is not a standalone activity; there’s also mixing and mastering. These post-production activities require not just the tools but also the technical know-how. In the absence of the tools and skills, outsourcing podcast editing would be a reasonable option. 

2. Maintaining a Standard

There a professional touch that an experienced podcast editor gives to your podcast episodes. For the sake of your growth and survival, it’s expected that your podcast should be packaged and presented professionally. 

Without the right skill, your podcast might sound mediocre, which will be a huge turnoff for your listeners. 

As an industry growing in competition, the quality of your podcast has to be at the highest quality possible. 

3. While You Learn The Art of Podcast Editing

You can’t continue to outsource your podcast editing process. A time will come when you will have to dip your feet in the cold waters of podcast post-production. Until then, someone has to fill in the gap for your podcast episode editing. 

It’s a matter of learning on the job. You may even wish to outsource the podcast editing to someone you can understudy if that option is available. 

Having done this, let’s consider the ground rules you have for podcast editing outsourcing; 

Have a Formal Agreement

It’s best to have a written agreement that is legally binding on you and the Podcast editor. Let the agreement spell out the deliverables, turn around time for every podcast, fee, and revision process. 

Don’t do a gentleman agreement with the podcast editor. 

Specify The Template For Receiving The Final Copy

Since this will be a repeated service, probably a daily or weekly thing, it’s best to agree on what the template for delivering will assume. Talk about the format, as this will save you a lot of time and resources. 

The Revision Process

Regardless of how skilled the podcast editor might be, you have to give room for corrections. That’s why you should always talk about the number of revisions you get and how soon the modifications will be effected. 

Where To Outsource Your Podcast Editing

There are numerous podcast editing service out there, and with the proper budget, you can leverage their experience and expertise; 

  • Agency

They often provide excellent service, albeit at a huge price. Of all the options available to outsource your podcast editing, this is the most expensive. You will be not just for the service but also bearing the agency overheads. 

  • Freelance Marketplace

Check out Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer; thousands of podcast editors are ready to work per hour or podcast. You’ll realize that this is the cheapest means to get things done in a fast way also. 

The issue is that you will have to take your time to research and arrive at the best freelancer for the job. Thousands of podcast editors claim to be what they are not. Be thorough to avoid time wasters. 

  • Direct Service

After working with a freelancer over time and establishing a relationship, you can decide to work with them directly. For ease of payment, you can rely on escrow services.