How To Market Your Podcast: Getting Your First 10,000 Downloads

How to Market Your Podcast

Do you know that the number of podcast listeners has grown in the past few years? You should not be concerned about how many podcasts are out there? But if you must know, Podcast Insights peg it at about 2,000,000, and 197 Million Americans have heard about podcasts. 

In this blog post, we’ll focus on how to market your podcast towards achieving growth, revenue, and overall success. We know that the answer to this question is being sought after by millions of podcasters, not just you.

We know you might have tried out every available trick in your marketing books to market your podcast. It’s OK if your growth has been slow; so far, it’s consistent. Let’s focus on padding your current podcast marketing efforts with the following tips and strategies; 

1. Where Are Your Target Audience?

Without knowledge of your target audience, you should not be concerned with how to market your podcast. Start with social media; that’s where most people are actually, regardless of the age gap.

Please do your research to know whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. It would be best if you made yourself visible to them. Start sharing posts and engaging them. Get active in their conversations, follow up on trending topics, and follow people. 

The idea is to connect with as many people as possible and try to offer help genuinely. In no time, they will want to know you better and look forward to your next podcast episode. 

2. Be Different

Podcasts are growing by the day, but the majority are duplicating others intentionally or unintentionally. To achieve a significant result as a podcaster, you’ll need to go outside of the box. 

Imagine being able to join forces with other podcasters to create an established podcast. It can even be in the form of a series that focuses on topics that others are shying away from. 

Go ahead and make a loud noise about it even before the launch day, and you’ll be surprised at what the numbers will look like at the end of the day. 

3. Marketing is About Quality and Consistency

One of my favorite podcasts is “7 Good Minutes,” and it’s always the start of my day. The routine is the same every day; I connect my device to the car Bluetooth on my commute to work and listen away. It’s the catalyst I often need to start my day. 

What I notice about the show is the display of quality in a consistent manner. I went from being a one-time listener of the show to looking forward to it daily. Interestingly, the show aims to beat the morning across major time zones. Regardless of the part of the world I find myself in, the show is always the start of my day. 

4. Social Media Engagement and Interaction

Do you know Sean RussellJohn JoinesHelen Murray, and Anthony Zoccola? These are all successful podcasters, and when they were questioned on the best ways to market a podcast, all of their answers pointed towards social media. 

They all had something to say about the use of social media for marketing their podcasts. 

That’s why you may have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a solid social media marketing plan for your podcast show. These four podcasters are proof that social media marketing works for increasing listeners. 

5. Leverage on Existing Tools

An essential tool for podcast marketing will be your website and email list. These tools have proven to be effective in podcast promotion and marketing. It’s OK if you don’t have any of these; you should put plans in place to have a website and build an email list. 

Check out successful podcasters; they all have a website and an email list. 

Make sure you leverage these tools to create a cycle of new engagements. Play the long-term game with growing your podcast; it will pay off in the end.