How to Make a Podcast Trailer

how to make a podcast trailer

How to Make a Podcast Trailer,what you need to start a podcast

Not to sound cliché, but every podcast show needs a trailer, it’s one of what you need to start a podcast that stands out . A podcast trailer has two jobs; to boost your podcast show’s discoverability and hook every new and potential listener. You cannot call it a trailer if it’s not serving these two purposes.

Think of your podcast trailer as an elevator pitch. If you get it right, you can convince and convert anyone that comes across the trailer to become a loyal listener. Trailers help to boost the appetite of your audience for what’s coming.

What is a Podcast Trailer?

The closest to a podcast trailer would be a movie or TV trailer. Trailers are promotional tools crafted to build up expectations and interest.

Let’s describe what a podcast trailer should be;

  • An elevator pitch; is brief and makes the proper connection with your intended audience.
  • It should contain who your podcast is for, where to find the podcast episode, and how often you release episodes.
  • A podcast trailer should not be more than 60 seconds but fully loaded to convince potential listeners.
  • There’s no harm in having a podcast trailer for every episode of your show.
  • Most importantly, a podcast trailer should be attention-grabbing and exciting.

Look for a trailer of any record-breaking movie; you’ll find all of these elements in it. Usually, a movie trailer is why anyone is interested in seeing the film. That’s how your podcast trailer should make your potential listeners feel.

Think of your podcast trailer as your best chance to hook new listeners and keep the current listeners on edge. So how do you make a hit out of a 60 seconds podcast trailer?

In this post, as one of what you need to start a podcast, the focus will be on how to make a podcast trailer that makes anyone subscribe to your show. 

1. Start with a Question

Starting your podcast trailer with questions always makes people want to stop and hear what you have to say. This works every time. Why? It sets your desired audience curious.

They want to know the solutions you will provide to those questions, making them want to listen to your podcast or schedule their time for the launch of the episode.

However, when starting your trailer this way, ensure your question relates to the audience you are trying to reach.

2. The Introduction- Be Brief & Concise

Ideally, a podcast trailer should be scheduled to run for a minute, so you have to hit the point of your message and capture the message. Make it as brief and concise as possible.

Although some podcast trailers run for 30, 60, and 90-sec max, it is vital to have a concise and persuasive structure.

You should introduce yourself as the podcast host before introducing the podcast show.

  • Introduce Yourself: Remember, this is the chance you have to share your story and personality to attract new listeners.

You can start by introducing your background, the role of your podcast, and your position, whether you are an expert in the field or not. Let them know your inspiration for starting the show.

  • Introduce Your Show: This is the second part of your introduction. It is the opportunity you have to give a quick overview of what your show entails and increase brand awareness.

This should include the values of your podcast, the name, title/topics, and possibly the release date to keep your listeners glued. Is it a weekly interview show? Crime series? Comics or what have you. This is time to let your listeners know what to look out for in your full episodes. Don’t forget to include how they can find your podcast.

3. Use a Script

The truth is, your podcast trailer is like the actual show, only shorter and concise. It is imperative to write a script on how you want it to go, including the essential information.

Without a script, you might end up rambling everything and missing some keywords. This will also affect your overall output, which might make your listeners lose interest.

Ideally, a trailer script should contain the intro, sponsor message, outro, and call to action.

4. Sell Your Strength

If there’s anything your podcast trailer should contain more- it’s the strength of your podcast show. Now is the time to make your case for why people need to listen to your podcast show. Talk about why your show is unique and why they can’t miss it.

What will they gain from listening to your show? Why should they listen to yours over others? You can quickly add some previous recordings of benefits or testimonies here. The goal is to concentrate on the most appealing part of your podcast.

5. Check Tone & Include Some Music

The tone of your podcast trailer matters a great deal. The trailer should soothe the tone of your show, including the style of voice and words you use.

For instance, if your podcast show is centred around fun and comics, your podcast trailer should include something funny and lighthearted. A podcast centred around business and entrepreneurship should have a serious trailer tone. Your listener should be able to sense the theme of your trailer in the tone of your voice.

The same goes for your music choice. Music is a great way to attract your audience. You should add music that syncs with the podcast trailer.

For example, you can use a jingle or bell sound at the start of the trailer and then layer some background music under your voice. This will give your audience the impression of an ideal trailer maker.

However, if you are starting and haven’t decided on the exact tone, background music or production element, that’s fine. Your trailer is also a chance to explore and check sound and elements you may want to use in future episodes.

6. Include a Call-to-action

The overall goal of the podcast trailer is to get the audience to take action and do what you ask. So don’t be shy to instruct what you want your listeners to do next clearly.

For this reason, you have to state a clear-cut goal. Is it to get listeners to listen to your show? Direct them to a particular episode? Encourage them to follow you on Spotify? Subscribe? Whatever the goal may be, ensure to call it out.

Final Thoughts

The podcast trailer acts as a promo for your show. It gives your potential listener an idea of what to expect from you and what they should be excited about your podcast show. So, ensure to invest all the efforts to make sure it passes the best image of your Podcast show.

Your podcast trailer will be effective if it contains a clear promise on what the listeners should expect, whet the listener’s appetite, and include a clear call to action.