How to Make a Living With Disctopia


For podcasters, indie artists, and other creatives, Disctopia is opening up an avenue to level up financially. Today, artists have more control over their careers than ever before. Numerous platforms allow you to record, distribute, and promote your music. However, one area remains a challenge, the ability to earn enough money to make a living.

How to make a living with Disctopia

There’s this misconception that is fuelled by social media; that artists are swimming in loads of money. Not anyone’s fault though, scattered all over Instagram are pictures and videos of indie artists looking like they are living the life.

Of course, the artists know the truth. While there is a handful making a good kill from their music, there’s a whole lot who work their way through multiple jobs. Otherwise, they won’t put food on their loved ones’ tables or pay the bills.

If you genuinely want to make money as an independent artist, it’s time to jump ship.

Think about it, what’s the edge of your music over the 30 million songs that can be purchased, streamed, or downloaded from the internet. How can your songs not get lost in the multitude of beach sand?

That’s where Disctopia comes into the mix.

Reimagining Your Future As an Indie Artist

It would be best if you started looking into your future as an indie artist. Will you still be jumping from minimum wage jobs, or would you have found solace in your music as a means of generating sustainable income.

It’s all about taking a different look at the future, one where the artist is important. Not one where the labels and corporations prosper at the expense of artists and creatives.

Let’s look at things from the perspective of data; independent artists accounted for only 6.3% of Spotify streams in 2020. That’s from about $838.3 million generated from streaming in 2020.

As an independent artist, you are already at a disadvantage.

The Shift: Disctopia’s Creative and Creative+ Plan

This isn’t another tip and trick or a shortcut. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme either, but a means to earn a good income from your art and creativity. That’s the intent of Disctopia; granting financial freedom to indie creatives.

Disctopia has proven to be a friend of indie creatives outside of the mainstream streaming platforms. That’s why Disctopia embraces an approach that “let you eat your cake and have it” as an artist.

With Disctopia’s Creative and Creative Plus plans, you can work your way out of other side hustles and focus on making good music.