How To Get Verified on Instagram as a Podcaster, or Indie Artist

How To Get Verified on Instagram as a Content Creator

How To Get Verified on Instagram

Social media lies at the heart of mastering the art of content promotion. Simply put, content marketing is far from possible without having a noticeable presence on Social media. We are making this piece because of how often we get asked about how to get verified on Instagram as a content creator.

In this piece, our focus will be on how you can get verified as an indie artist and as a podcaster.

What is Instagram verification that important? You’ll need the blue tick as it’s a signifier of authority and legitimacy as a content creator. More importantly, having a verified account on Instagram and other social media provides your followers, fans and listeners with a sense of trust. Remember that you are in an industry where authenticity is a bag of gold dust.

How easy can it be to be verified? While the word verified is used in the context of celebrities, famous brands, and politicians, there’s also room for indie artists, podcasters and other content creators to be blue ticked.

At Disctopia, we know how much being verified means to content creators. That’s why we made this guide to help you get that blue tick.

What Does Being Instagram Verified Imply?

There are strict rules to getting verified on Instagram; not everyone with an Instagram account and applies for the verification gets it. While it’s easy to apply for, getting it is based on these four factors;

1. Authenticity

Your Instagram account must depict that you are either a real person or a registered entity.

2. Uniqueness

Instagram does not give the blue tick to fans account. Your account must be the only one, as only one account per individual or business name can be verified.

3. Complete

To be verified, you must have a bio, profile picture, and at least a post. More importantly, the account must be set to public.

4. Notable

This is the hardest of the four criteria as Instagram only verifies well-known and frequently searched individuals and businesses. There should be evidence that you are known, sought for and valuable.

Tips To Get The Blue Tick On Instagram

1. Start-Up on a Different Platform

It’s better if you have built followership and social media presence elsewhere. Then, you can start on Instagram as an established brand and public figure. You can start on Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube.

Essentially, you must be recognized outside of Instagram. By coming from outside of the platform, verification will be a way for people to find you.

2. The Risk of Being Impersonated

As a public figure, especially if you have a good following on other platforms, you are at the risk of being impersonated and even causing harm to an unsuspecting public. Let them know you want to build trust with your followers and not allow anyone to impersonate you.

Instagram will want to work with you to avoid scams, fraud or impersonation. As long as you can prove it, you’ll be verified. This is because Instagram knows that accounts of brands and public figures are likely to be impersonated.

3. Run an Active Account

One of the ways you can be verified is by posting content and staying active. Why would you want to get verified if you are not active on the platform? To let Instagram know your Podcaster’s or Artist account is deserving of the blue tick, your content game needs to be tight. Not just another random account that you only post on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Nonetheless, remember that Instagram is about aesthetics; that’s why you need to post great content regularly and engage with your followers.

Final Words

A crucial part of your marketing strategy should be social media, and getting it right with Instagram is the beginning of better days. Truly, a lot of work and effort goes into being Instagram verified, but it’s worth it.

Remember, there’s millions of Instagram account here aiming to be verified. Yours need to be the one that stands out.