How To Earn Cryptocurrency as a Content Creator on Disctopia


At Disctopia, we will leave no stone unturned until we are sure that content creators can get paid for their work wherever and in whatever form they desire. We’ve seen how successful YouTube has been because it allowed creators to monetize their content. Recently, Medium followed suit to ensure that bloggers get paid for their content.

That’s exactly what Disctopia is trying to achieve and even do better. We want to ensure that podcasters, audiobook creators, indie artists, and other content creators are adequately compensated for their crafts. This is why Disctopia is breaking the norm by being the first streaming platform to pay 5 cents a stream.

It’s about expanding the frontiers of content monetization. We want to ensure that content creators on our platform can explore every available option to make the most out of their content. As much as you create compelling and valuable content, every creator on the Disctopia platform will be duly and adequately compensated.

This is why Disctopia is moving an inch further by introducing the value for value feature. With value for every, every creator on the platform can get paid in satoshi for every stream.  While your audience is streaming your content, you are earning crypto. It’s like running a crypto mining rig; you can get non-stop crypto payments forever.

Think of what cents is to the dollar, that is what Satoshi is to Bitcoin. A Satoshi is the smallest unit of the cryptocurrency. In simple terms, 100 million Satoshi makes one Bitcoin i.e one satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

More importantly, you can set the value of your craft in Satoshi. You are in sole control of the value of our work.

So far a listener is streaming your content from any app that supports value for value, you will be paid Satoshi right into your wallet.

Value For Value Feature Will Allow Disctopia Reach Unbanked Content Creators

To help our creators across international boundaries be able to receive payments right into their wallets, Disctopia will be

While we are positioning Disctopia for the future of payment and content monetization, there’s also a gap we are trying to fill. Disctopia aims to reach across continents and offer content creators in developing economies the ability to monetize their content. In such climes, there are limited options for monetizing content.

Let’s use Africa as an example. There are 54 countries on the continent, and PayPal is only active in about 12 African countries. So, if a streaming platform offers PayPal as a payout option, content creators in about 42 countries in Africa will be unable to receive payments. It’s not PayPal’s fault, but some countries have insufficient regulation and poor banking structures.

However, this will change with Disctopia’s Value for Value feature. We are hopeful that content creators will be able to monetize their content regardless of if they are in Khartoum, Sudan, or Salt Lake City in Utah.

Our Value for Value offering will deliver satoshis into the crypto wallets of content creators. Ultimately, we see a surge in unbanked content creators who can monetize a global audience.

How Disctopia’s Value For Value Works? 

As a registered Disctopia user, click on Apps from your Disctopia dashboard;

  1. Scroll to podcast, then click “Value 4 Value”.
  2. You can either connect with Alby or Connect Manually.
  3. If you choose “Connect With  , you’ll need to input your Alby account. Alby is a wallet that allows creators to receive Bitcoin payments on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. In the future, Disctopia will be partnering with other service providers to ease the process of content monetization.
  4. Once this is in place, you are up and ready to receive satoshis as a content creator on the Disctopia platform.