How To Become One of The Biggest Independent Artists

Biggest Independent Artists

biggest independent artists

Recent data has shown that there are more than 60,000 songs uploaded on Spotify daily. The competition is that fierce. Yet, it is not all doom and gloom. Despite how impossible the situation looks, you can be among the biggest independent artists of your time. Sure, it will take a lot of effort and dedication.

You need to juggle between producing and promoting your music as an indie artist. But more importantly, success will only land in your lap if you create the opportunity for it. How do you set yourself up for success as an indie artist and become one of the biggest independent artists.

Always Make Music

Music should be your primary focus and nothing else. It is your key to success. Write songs and practice regularly to improve your level of creativity. Your raw talent can only be honed if you practice every day. Making music also enhances your relevance among your fans. If you don’t release songs consistently, people will forget you.

You don’t have to wait until you produce a 12-song album before you publish your work. Work on singles and EP. Use streaming platforms like Spotify to distribute your songs. Do a thorough job with your music before you upload it. If a lyric’s line doesn’t feel right, don’t include it. An independent artist’s music does not have to sound like it was botched. You can record a demo and send it to an experienced producer you trust for feedback.

Brand Yourself Uniquely

Carve your image yourself before someone else carves it for you. What do you want to be famous for? Branding can include images and taglines that capture your music genre and mission. If you have a brand from the early days of your career, you already have a foundation for your musical success to stand on.

People easily remember images rather than words. Create a distinct logo that represents you. Whenever anyone sees the logo, they immediately think of you. Spread your brand across different channels where your fans gather.

The biggest independent artists play on their strength and special talent in their brand. Introduce yourself to the world with your hidden talent. This will set you apart from other independent artists’ music. You can mix and match different genres of music to make your own unique brand.

Maintain A Solid Online Presence

The internet is ubiquitous. More artists today are discovered on social media than on local radio. Imagine if someone stumbles on your song and wants to listen to your other songs. How do they find you? Make it easy for people to find your songs online, just like biggest independent artists.

Have a website with a functioning landing page. Your site should contain your bio, contact information, the songs you have produced, and tour details. This way, if a record label is interested in you, they can easily find you.

Keep your business account separate from your personal account on social media channels. Ensure that your posts on different platforms are coherent and complimentary rather than contradictory. Tailor the contents you share towards what you know the platform’s users want to see. Don’t get so sucked into the social media war that you forget that, first and foremost, you are an artist.

Connect With Your Fans

Your fans, no matter how small they are now, are your customers. An independent artist’s music is nothing without their fans. Treating them right is part of your job description. Be courteous, humble, and approachable. Give value to your loyal followers, a reason to keep following you.

Cultivate a good character and learn how to interact with fans now that you have a small number of fans. When you become one of the biggest independent artists in the industry, the habit will have been ingrained in you so that it will become second nature.

Target people who may be interested in your music to convert them to loyal fans. Engage your fans on social media and send them regular updates through emails. Interacting with fans is a marketing strategy for independent artist’s music.

Manage Yourself Efficiently

Chances are you won’t find a manager in the early days of your musical career, which is absolutely fine. So, it is up to you to do the job of a manager without creating a loophole. Some of the tasks performed by a manager include gig booking, press briefing, scheduling, and task coordination.

It is the manager that will ensure the terms of a contract are fulfilled. You, or a band member, will need to learn some administrative skills pending when you will have a manager. Use free resources on YouTube to learn new skills. Have a to-do list and follow through. Managing your schedule is easier with apps these days. There are free apps you can use to stay organized.

Budget And Spend Wisely

Financial stability is very important for your success as an independent artist. You have to write a song, promote it and publish it. Since you can’t afford to hire people for every task, a DIY approach will work just fine. For those things that you absolutely have to spend money on, budget judiciously. Have financial discipline. Buy what you can afford. It may be difficult at first, but buying items you don’t need will put you in debt you may never get out of.

If you must get into debt, invest in equipment that will make you more money. You need to understand your finances even if you want to hire an accountant. Go through your finances regularly to know your cash flow.

Final Thoughts

There is no template for success for independent artists. Your case may be peculiar, but you must be cognizant of certain factors to grow in the music business. Even the biggest independent artists will not underrate the importance of creativity and originality. This means you need to keep making music to position yourself for success.

Setting yourself apart also include having a brand that succinctly summarizes an independent artist’s music. The internet and social media will open doors for you with both fans and record labels. Not utilizing them for your career growth is like a sacrilege.