Getting a Business Phone Number as an Indie Music Artist

Getting a Business Phone Number as an Indie Music Artist

As an indie music artist, having a professional phone number is crucial. It helps you build and maintain a successful career. A dedicated business line helps you separate your personal and professional communication. This conveys professionalism to potential clients and industry contacts.

We believe you must have set up a professional email for your new indie record label by now. The next port of call is to have a business phone number. It would help if you got it right with communication from the onset, as it’s central to the success of your Indie record label business.

Of course, you have a business email and will probably infuse a live chat feature on your record label website. However, there’s a personal and human connection forged by hearing another human on the other side, which is necessary for your type of business.    

Having a business phone number is proof that you take your business seriously, which will be evident to everyone you’ll be working with. One mistake most business owners make at the beginning of a new venture is relying on their cell phones for business purposes.    

There’s a massive gap between what is personal and your business. Using your private phone number for your indie record label business invites conflict and inefficiency into your business. As a business, your best bet will be a virtual business phone number as it trounces both traditional landline and mobile phones.   

This post explores the benefits of getting a business phone number as an indie music artist. It provides some guidelines for making the most of this valuable tool.

Why Virtual Business Phone Number  

There are numerous reasons why a virtual business phone number is best for your Indie Record Label;    

1. One Number, Multiple Users

You are not running a one-person show as an Indie Record Label; you’ll have several employees. With a virtual business phone, everyone can be reached via the number.    

2. Allows For Multiple Device

A virtual phone number can function with mobile apps, desk phones, laptops, smartphones and other devices.    

3. Easy Call Management

With the Virtual Phone app, you can set the ringtone, call routing, call waiting, business hours, and vacation responses.    

4. Message Management

Virtual phone numbers also allow for text messaging, voice messaging, call-to-email transcription, and cheap international/local calls.    

That’s why you cannot afford to skip this step, as we’ll be helping you navigate the process of having a business phone for your indie record label business.    

There are numerous free and paid virtual phone options, but we’ll recommend Google Voice for your Indie Record Label.    

How to Set Up Google Voice Number For Business  

The point of entry for a Google Voice number for business is signing up for a free Google account. Here are the five easy steps to setting up a Google number;    

Get a Google Account

You are likely to have an existing Google account; then, you can skip this step. If you don’t have a Google Account, go to the Google Account Sign-in Page. In setting up the account, you’ll have to choose between two options; For Myself or To Manage My Business.    

The “For Myself” option is for the free Google Voice service option, while the “To Manage My Business” option is for the paid options.    

Once complete, you can click “Next.”    

Get a Google Voice Account

This is similar to the steps involved in setting up a Google account. Head to the Google Voice Sign-in page, where you will be availed the option of choosing “For Personal Use” or “For Business”. If you click the first option, you will be able to use Google Voice free of charge, while you’ll have to subscribe to a paid plan.   

The paid option has three monthly plans from $10 to $30 monthly; all of these plans have a service level agreement and voicemail transcription. However, to use Google Voice for Business, you have to be signed up for Google Workspace, which starts from $6 to $18 monthly.   

Choose Your Google Voice Number

This is where you are provided with a Google Voice number. Enter your area code, and you’ll see Google providing you with a long list of numbers available in your location (except if you are in Alaska or Hawaii).   

You may find out that your area code isn’t available if you live in a densely populated city. Not to worry, you can still choose from the available area codes in your location.   

We’ll advise that you choose a Google Voice phone number easily remembered by you and your clients. Be patient and settle for the right combination of numbers.   

Verify Using Your Existing Phone Number

Google Voice is a virtual phone number, and you’ll need to link to an existing phone number where all of your calls will be forwarded. This must be a US-issued mobile or landline phone number.  

After this, you will have to confirm this number by entering the phone number for a code to be sent. If the phone number is correct, Google will forward a text message containing a six-digit code. You can receive this code via a phone call also.  

Input the code to complete the Google Voice set-up.  

Download The Google Voice Mobile App

You’ll need to download either the Android or iOS app to get the most out of your Google Voice number. This is best downloaded on the device you’ll use in answering calls. 

Other Options for obtaining a business phone number

As an indie music artist, having a business phone number can be essential. It helps you keep in touch with fans, venues, and other industry professionals. Here are a few options for obtaining a business phone number:

Using a Traditional Phone Service Provider

One option for getting a business number is a traditional phone service provider. This can be AT&T or Verizon. With this option, you can choose a local or toll-free number. Then set up various features, such as voicemail and call forwarding.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Another option for obtaining a business phone number is to use a virtual phone service. Virtual phone numbers are not tied to a specific location or phone line. Instead, they use the internet to route calls to your phone or computer.

This is cost-effective for an indie music artist who doesn’t need a permanent phone number.

Apps that Provide Virtual Phone Numbers

Some apps offer virtual phone numbers, such as Google Voice or Hushed. These apps allow you to select a phone number. Then, you use it to make and receive calls and texts.

This option is convenient for an indie music artist on the go. You can access your business phone number from anywhere with an internet connection.


Getting a business number as an indie music artist helps establish a professional image. This makes it easier for potential clients and industry professionals to contact you. It is a crucial step in building a successful music career.