There’s nothing easy about being a professional musician. It’s even harder if you are an indie artist, as there are do’s and don’ts of indie artists.

Our focus in this blog post is on the DON’Ts of Indie Artists

The industry environment is built to make you fail at every single turn. Nonetheless, as a professional, you’ve got to learn and lean on what works for you. While fleeing from whatever could bring your down and bring you into disrepute as an indie artist.

don'ts of Indie Artists

More reason we’ve done a compilation of what you should never attempt doing as an indie artist. Even if you picture record labels artists deep into it, that’s never a ticket for you to join the bandwagon.

1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in a Single Basket

While there are indie artists that stick to a single platform in promoting their music, you should ever indulge in such a practice.

Join as many as you can, and establish your presence. That’s why you need to make use of social media tools to ensure you can reach your audience everywhere.

Don’t try to do it alone. Seek help when you can afford it from social media marketers.

2. Don’t Invest Money Without Having a Direction

You don’t have the luxury of wastages as an indie artist. Yes, you’ll want to invest money to improve your fortune. It doesn’t always work that way for indie artists.

Put down exactly what you intend to achieve with every investment. Not forgetting that there are scams out there looking for people to fleece.

Desperation will be sensed all over you, and you’ll end up spending without returns.

3. Never Set Out Without The Right Resources

To succeed in the music industry as an indie artist, you’ll need all the help you can get.

One of such help is equipping yourself with enormous resources that will make it easier in your quest for fame and success.

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Get as much resources as you can. Nothing else will make your roads smoother than being equipped.

4. Don’t Try To Appeal To Everyone

Nothing will make you fail quickly than trying to be a people pleaser. Have a brand identity and stick to it.

In trying to appeal to everyone as an indie artist, you’ll end up losing your loyal fans. This could be the beginning of your failure.

Nonetheless, don’t insult those who don’t believe in your music. But that does not mean you should cower them either.

5. Don’t Trade Visibility For Professional Work

You’ll find yourself in a scenario where you’ll be told by blogs or those in the media to put a free advert on your social media page before they can post your music on their blogs.

Please don’t do it!

Start doing all you can to sell yourself. In the bid to do that, never sell yourself short.

Pay for professional services if you can afford it.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot you are going to get wrong as an indie artist. Never bite yourself for it. Just pick yourself up and try again.

Nonetheless, avoid these traps and don’ts of indie artists.