DIY Tips for Musicians on Cold Pitching Digital Media

Getting as much media coverage as possible is very important especially for independent musicians. Here are a few expert DIY tips on cold pitching digital media.

DIY Tips for Musicians


Find out if the publication you approach covers the music related to your genre. Recollect the names of a few bands that are similar to yours and do some research on who covered them. Pitching a human will benefit you a lot. Do some research on some outlet site and discover which writer covers topics related to your music. Approach these writers and gain some familiarity with them to be able to promote you.

Approach the writer

Stay prepared with all the details before you appear for pitching. Some of the preparations include hiring a professional photographer dealing both with black and white and color photographs to click some good vertical as well as horizontal photographs of 300 dpi. Arrange to stream your music directly. Prepare multiple formats of your music ready to roll them. If they decide to cover it, you must be able to supply your music in the desired format including mp3, 320 and .wav, or embeds.

Make the process easy for them to cover

Get ready with your story in a way appealing to people who will take interest in your music and are ready to learn about some unknown band. If you have followers lesser than 100K, you are an unknown artist by all standards.

Pitch the outlet in the way they will like

The publication will tell you what they want. When you dig for it, you will discover some useful insights. It is necessary to get to the point. Make the greetings attractive and simple and you will be received very well.

Address the difficulties of the writers

Most good writers receive more than a hundred pitches per day. They might not have time and patience to read through all of them. Unless you are short and unambiguous, there are chances that you will not grab their attention.