Disctopia Releases Audio-To-Text Transcription Tool

Disctopia Audio-to-Text Transcription Tool

Audio-To-Text Transcription,starting a podcast

When starting a podcast, most individuals are unprepared on how to reach new audiences and bring visibility to their brand. It’s no longer enough to upload your podcast episode to Disctopia or submit to directories. That’s where the Disctopia Audio-to-text feature comes in handy.

We are now at that point where you need to include a podcast transcript alongside the audio if you want to boost your chances of being found by your target audience. This is why Disctopia just released an Audio to Text transcription feature for all podcasters on the podcast platform.

It does not matter if you are just starting a podcast or are already an established podcaster; the Audio to Text transcription feature helps your podcast stand out above the competition. As a podcaster, you need the audio-to-text transcription for a lot of reasons, one of which is cutting through the noise and being easily reached.

How Does The Disctopia Audio To Text Transcription Work?

With the feature, the transcription will show on the Disctopia website, the Disctopia App, and the Disctopia Embed Players. It will also be on every directory in which your podcast show is submitted and listed.

One can subscribe to the Audio to Text Transcription tool monthly or per episode. If you are on the monthly subscription, every episode is automatically transcribed. Once you upload a new episode of your podcast show, you will be able to download the transcript from the Disctopia Library. The transcription can be downloaded as a .SRT file.

The feature lets your audience read through the captions while listening to each podcast episode.

Suppose you have already created a transcription in .SRT format, you can also upload it at the point of uploading your podcast episode to Disctopia.

How to Transcribe Your Podcast Using Disctopia Audio-to-Text Feature

Here’s how to transcribe your podcast episodes on Disctopia;

  1. Login to your Disctopia account.
  2. Then click APPS
  3. You will find a catalog of tools; choose Audio to Text.
  4. On the Audio to Text page, scroll down and click Subscribe.
  5. If you are on the monthly subscription, the transcript is automatically generated every time you upload a podcast episode.
  6. However, you can also upload podcast episodes and transcribe at $0.10/minute.
  7. When uploading a new podcast episode, you’ll see “Disctopia will Transcribe this episode” if you are subscribed to the feature. 

Benefits of Transcribing Your Podcast Episodes

Here are a few reasons why you should consider transcribing your podcast audio;

1. Optimize Your Podcast For Search Engine

Transcripts have been proven to be able to boost your podcast SEO. Since your podcast audio cannot be optimized for search engines, your best option is transcribing to text.

You must include a transcript if you are interested in seeing your podcast grow. This will help you to cross-promote and attract the right audience. Once you get it right with keyword optimization, your podcast will easily appear in Google Search results.

2. Attracting Backlinks to Your Podcast

This is also another benefit related to Search Engine Optimization. It’s not only keywords that can help you appear in the search result; backlinks also have a huge role.

Once you publish your podcast transcript, you are making it easier for blogs and websites to link to you. To search engines, this implies that you are an authority that can be trusted. This will help improve your podcast’s ranking, thanks to the podcast transcripts.

3. Not Everyone Listens to Audio

You need to expand your content formats to attract more audience to your podcast. Not everyone wants to sit and listen to audio; some still prefer texts. You are making your podcast accessible to more people with a podcast transcript.

There are still some people who prefer to read transcripts. You will likely convert these readers into listeners if you continue providing valuable content.

Final Thoughts

With the new Audio-to-Text transcription tool on Disctopia, you can cut out the long turnaround time involved with manual transcription. If you have not, you need to start transcribing your podcast and build a content marketing strategy around it.

Remember, you can easily grow your podcast audience by utilizing podcast transcripts.