Podcasts are growing by the day; there is no shortage of podcast shows. What is short in supply is streaming platforms that pay podcasters, indie artists, and other content creators what they are truly worth. You may not know, but every time you stream your favorite songs on these apps, your favourite artists get less than 3 cents per stream. There are even streaming platforms that pay less than a cent to artists for every stream.

Here’s where it gets tricky, Beyonce or Bruno Mars might not be bothered about the streaming royalties. This is because of the millions of streams they get monthly. The question now is that what is the fate of lesser-known indie artists who are not likely to rake in millions of streams?

The low income made from music is the reason why indie artists are looking elsewhere to be able to augment their income.

How Much Does Music Streaming Platforms Pay?

As fans, we need to look out for our favourite artists and podcasters. As much as we expect them to keep producing excellent podcast and music content, we also need to look out and care about them. A knowledge of what is being paid by these streaming platforms should guide our choice of streaming platforms to subscribe to.

Another issue is that these streaming platforms are not transparent enough to reveal what they pay their artists. Yes, there’s no standard rate, yet you must ensure that you listen to your favourite artists from music streaming platforms that pay the most.

According to Ditto Music, here’s an estimate of what these music streaming platforms pay per stream;

Platform Pay Per Stream Stream To Get $1000
Napster $0.019 52,631
Tidal $0.01288 77,639
Apple Music $0.00783 127,714
Deezer $0.0064 156,250
Spotify $0.00437 228,833
Amazon Music $0.00402 248,756
Pandora $0.00133 751,880
YouTube $0.00069 1,449,275


Why Disctopia Decided To Pay Artists More Than Other Platforms

Here’s Disctopia, breaking the norm regarding how much artists and content creators get. You can make $1000 with just 20,000 streams on the Disctopia platform. There’s no other platform that comes near Disctopia in the pay-per-stream industry.

As an artist, you will not only be paid well per stream but also enjoy the growing userbase of Disctopia. The platform is offering artists an avenue to be well paid for their content and still be able to market themselves. At the core at Disctopia is granting financial independence to content creators.  

Final Thoughts

We are in the age where most artists earn their income from streaming royalties, merchandise and live performance. Of these three streams of income, Disctopia is offering two; streaming royalties and merchandising.

You will be adequately rewarded for your content on Disctopia, and you will be able to list and sell merchandise on the platform.