Disctopia Now Allows Users to Upload Audiobooks

Disctopia Audiobooks

Disctopia announced recently that its users can now upload audiobooks to meet the needs of our growing listener base in the United States and globally. According to data, about 1 in five people in the United States listens to an audiobook. This is why we want to provide writers with a platform and take advantage of the growing market of book listeners.

Through the Disctopia platform, readers can now listen to audiobooks as streams. As one of the most popular podcast platforms, we hope to grow to become a popular destination for audiobook listeners.

Disctopia is Opening Up a Platform to Experience The Magic of Audiobooks

We also believe that we’ll be providing a platform for indie authors and publishers to expand to reach new readers and listeners. Knowing the power and opportunity in publishing audiobooks, this aligns with the core principle of Disctopia to grant financial freedom to creatives.

It does not matter whether you are in a car, unloading the dishwasher, or working out at a gym; you can always listen to your favorite audiobooks via the Disctopia app. According to Patrick Hill, “no one should be deprived of the opportunity to listen to their favorite stories and listen to a book that they love. We also believe that users on the Disctopia platforms have yet to experience the magic of audiobooks.

You can now keep up with the latest bestseller or an old classic, all with a Disctopia subscription. We hope to become one of the best places to download audiobooks in the nearest future.

Like its podcast creators and other creatives, audiobook writers and publishers can also recieve 100% direct payment from their listeners. This is in tandem with Disctopia’s core principle of granting financial freedom to indie creators.