Disctopia Adds Direct Payment Option For Creators, and They Get 100%

Direct Payment

Henceforth, Disctopia will allow direct to creator payment options. This is in tandem with the core principle of the Indie Artist Music App in granting financial freedom to creators. According to Disctopia’s team, creators will get the entirety of whatever users send them as tips and donations. As one of the most popular podcast platforms, Disctopia prioritizes creators’ needs and financial freedom.

We are indeed in the era of direct payment to creators as Clubhouse, and the invitation-based social audio also introduced direct payments to its creators. However, Disctopia is one of the first within the music streaming and podcast hosting space.

most popular podcast platforms,Indie Artist Music App

The news of direct payment to creators came a few weeks after Disctopia announced that it would be keying into the Podcast 2.0 Namespace to protect its podcasters. Currently, Disctopia is working towards supporting all of the Podcast 2.0 tags.

To be able to accept direct payment, Disctopia creators need to go to Settings, click on Payment, and toggle the Accept Donations dropdown.

Our belief at Disctopia is that our creators are deserving of these reward mechanisms. This will be an incentive for them to be able to focus on their content creation without being worried about their financial freedom. Right from our early days, we’ve been concerned about how creators can be empowered to build their audience and monetize their art.