Coming Soon: Added Features to the Disctopia Platform

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Disctopia added features
Podcasting: Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center

Coming Soon To Disctopia

Disctopia serves as a platform for Independent Artists and Creatives. However, oftentimes there’s a misunderstanding amongst its users and viewers. The misunderstanding comes in to play in the belief that Disctopia is STRICTLY a music platform. To be clear, Disctopia is a
platform that caters to the overall creative. Within the next few months and up into 2020, Disctopia will be adding more features to its platform. Each week, I will unravel a new feature that has been added and this week’s feature is Podcasting!

EVERYONE has a podcast! Our close friends, family, and even some of our favorite celebrities, such as The ‘Breakfast Club’, Amber Rose, T.I., each host of the Breakfast Club, Angela Rye, and many more. With the likes of these celebrities racking up on listeners and likes, it makes it that much harder for independent podcast creators to shine. By December of this year, Disctopia will have a new podcasting feature. The feature will serve as home to the independent podcast creator. Podcasters from all around will have the ability to upload and stream their podcasts. The goal is to provide services that allow the independent creative to SHINE!

Where the Indie Artist can SHINE!

Let’s be honest; It’s a little challenging to shine in a space filled with shows from ‘Joe Rogan’, ‘Joe Budden’ or ‘Amy Schumer’. Chances are, their previous platform has allowed them to gain fans in the podcasting realm. Disctopia not only aims to serve as a platform dedicated to the independent creator, but it is also a one-stop-shop for fans, supporters and listeners. What do you mean Mia Love?? Picture a music artist, who also has a podcast. Imagine being able to stream their music and podcast all under the same platform-all under one roof. Ahhhh! The sweet sounds of hassle-free. Look out for the new podcasting feature and stay tuned for the next added features to Disctopia.