Choosing a Niche and a Name for Your Podcast

HOW TO START A PODCAST Choosing a Niche and a Name for Your Podcast

Choosing a Niche and Name For Your Podcast


While you are working hard at learning and locating your ideal podcast listener, you also have to start thinking of what to call your podcast. A podcast name is a big deal; it’s a defining element for your show.  

Your ideal podcast listener needs a name when they want to share the gospel about your content. It’s also what their family and friends will use in searching for your podcast shows.  

Take your podcast name seriously; it is the first indication of what you and your show are all about. A podcast name should meet technical, creative, and descriptive elements.  

In continuation of the How To Start a Podcast Guide, we’ll show you what a good name is and how to arrive at one.  

Let’s get started. 

Keep It Short, Sweet, and Memorable 

No need to get your listeners confused; a short and sweet podcast name is enough. Your existing listeners need to be able to remember your podcast name for them to be able to share it.  

That’s why we advise that a podcast name should be sweet and memorable for anyone to remember. By memorable, we mean that the name should revolve around the tone and spirit of the podcast.  

Avoid too many words; keep it short and punchy. Ensure your podcast name flows with the tongue and stick in mind.  

Optimized For Search Engine 

There’s a likelihood that whoever hears about your podcast will try to locate you through the search engines. It would be best if you chose a name with a high SEO value.  

As much as you’ll want to have a sweet and memorable name, you need to be sure that your name will show up when it’s searched on Google, Bing, or any of the search engines.  

It’s not just about referrals, but what a potential podcast listener will stumble upon when searching for the keyword related to your topic and niche. Prioritize best SEO practices when choosing a name for your podcast.  

Use the right keywords in your podcast name and description.  

A Correlation Between Podcast Name and Topic 

After considering points one and two, what next is ensuring that a correlation exists between the name and your topic. There should not be a divergence between what you’ll be talking about and your podcast name.  

You might need to brainstorm what best fit your topic and brand thoroughly. It could be a term that is frequently used in your field. Let’s say I want to start a podcast for cryptocurrency traders, I’ll ensure that words such as HODLers, DYOR, Signals Crypto, or Exchange are in my podcast name.  

These are the terms that are used in the crypto circle. This will make it easier for your ideal podcast listeners to locate you.  

Guideline For Choosing a Podcast Name 

Now that you know what you should look for in a name let’s talk about the do’s and don’t of choosing a podcast name.  

1. Domain and Social Media Availability 

Your work of choosing a podcast name is not done until you check if you can secure a domain name for your podcast. When it’s time for branding your podcast show, you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of headaches.  

Start by checking Namecheckr, Instant Domain Search, and GoDaddy. Afterward, enter your intended podcast name into every podcast directory and ensure it’s not already in use or trademarked.  

Every successful podcast has a website and social media handle in the podcast’s name.  

2. Use of “Podcast” In Your Podcast Name 

While this may not appear harmful, it’s not encouraged by podcasting experts. It’s a waste of character in your podcast title. Your ideal podcast listeners would be checking for you in podcast directories already.  

The only instance where this is encouraged is to differentiate your podcast show from a similar one.  

It’s even a no-brainer to have a scenario like this. Once you discover a podcast with a similar name, you need to continue searching for a podcast name. 

3. Cramming Podcast Title with Keywords 

While the discoverability of your podcast is a high priority, you are doing it wrongly by stuffing too many keywords into your title.   

This is quite common among new podcasters eager to see their podcast appearing for certain keywords in the search results. What many of these podcasters have not realized is that both podcast directories and even search engines frown at this behavior.  

Of course, it’s quite tempting but what you’ll get is the opposite of your intended result.  

Wrap Up 

We cannot overemphasize the importance of your podcast name. It is one of the determining factors for the success of your podcast.  

Let’s hope you don’t get overwhelmed by the pressure of getting the right name for your podcast.   

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