CharLIT- DJ Fannie Mae Presents: “I Love the 2000’s” Party

“I Love the 2000s”

I could hear the music from the outside of the Underground Fillmore; “Bounce wit, drop wit it, Lean wit it, rock wit it, snap wit it; all my ladies pop yo back wit it…!” TRUE 2000 vibes from the R&B girl group, “Cherish”. Carolina’s own DJ Fannie Mae put on an “I Love the 2000’s” party this past Friday. Without a doubt, the party was one of the most nostalgic things I’ve ever experienced. I felt like middle/high school, little Mia Love all over again.

The Influence of the 2000s

The first thing I spotted when I walked into the venue was a girl in a jersey dress. I scoped the crowd more as I walked a little further and I spotted a girl in a black choker necklace and a clear bookbag. A couple of 2000 staples, for sure. The crowd started off a little lite, but as the night progressed, it felt like a HUGE house party. The crowd had variety. There were the young black/white people who probably only understood the extent of the 2000s based on the stories of their older siblings. Then there were the older black/white individuals who probably flourished more in the ’90s, but had a great appreciation for the 2000s. And then there were those who like me, understood the magnitude and influence of the 2000s.

CharLIT- DJ Fannie Mae Presents: "I Love the 2000's" Party
DJ Fannie Mae Turntables at the “I love the 2000s” Party. Photo Cred: J. Lamar

Classic 2000 Hits

Fannie was spinning the whole night and had only the best hits of the 2000s. Songs like: “1-2 Step” by Ciera, “Get Yo Freak On” by Missy Elliot, “No Strings Attached” by N’Sync and D4L classics like “Laffy Taffy”. Every era has its very own dances and Fannie paid homage to them. Aside from the crowd breaking out into their best “heel-toe”, “chicken head” and “chicken noodle soup”, Fannie had dance contests. It’s just EXTREMELY important to know how to “Dougie” if you claim to love the 2000’s. Get it? Don’t think for one second that DJ Fannie Mae allowed her turntables to interfere with her crowd interaction. At one point, she hopped down from the stage with the mic and joined a circle full of “Harlem Shake” enthusiasts. Balloons, glow in the dark sticks and people in their best 2000’s attire (Including yours truly! I sported an all-black velour suit.). Everything was SO lit!!!

If you missed out this time, I’d suggest you pray that she puts on another event like this. My next suggestion would be to stay on the lookout for the “Dope Shit to do in Charlotte” articles, which are published every month by Disctopia, to help keep people like you in the know for Charlotte events.